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Cement clinker

Cement is a kind of building material. It is a mixture formed after adding water. This resource plays a very important role in the development of the industry. Its application field is also further expanded. It is currently widely used in construction, industry, chemical industry, water conservancy, and other fields. A cement crusher is a kind of crushing equipment that is processed for cement resources. With the widespread application of cement mines, this equipment also has a wide range of development space. Below we will analyze the advantages and manufacturers of cement crushers according to the concerns of customers. Make a specific introduction.

Cement crushing equipment mainly includes three types: coarse crushing equipment, medium and fine crushing equipment, and fine crushing equipment. These three kinds of equipment are arranged in the three links of the cement crushing production process.

Cement jaw crusher

The cement jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and is often used in the production of cement clinker. It is mainly used for primary crusher of raw materials such as limestone and clay. It is characterized by a large crushing ratio, mainly crushing large stones and high output.

Cement jaw crusher

The output particle size of the equipment is very uniform, which can meet the high crushing needs of many customers. Comprehensive adaptability, and large material processing capacity.

The core part of the equipment, the jaw head, and the wearing part jaw plate are very professionally designed. The use of high wear-resistant, high-toughness chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium alloy materials and advanced production technology effectively solve the problem of fracture of hard materials and prolong the service life of the wearing part.

Cement impact crusher

Cement impact crusher is mainly used for medium crushing. The impact crusher is suitable for crushing brittle materials such as limestone. It is characterized by high production efficiency, low unit energy consumption, finer product particle size, and less wear and tear.

Cement impact crusher

Wear-resistant parts wear less, and the metal utilization rate is high. The wear of blow bar will only wear the front of the blow bar because when the rotor speed is normal, the material will fall to the surface of the blow bar, the back and side of the blow bar will not be worn, and the hammer head is easy to replace, and the metal utilization rate of the blow bar is improved. It can be as high as 45% to 48%.

Strong processing capacity, can crush various coarse, medium, and fine materials (cement clinker, granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), the feed particle size is not more than 500mm, and the compressive strength is not more than 350Mpa.

The crushing process is simplified, and tertiary crushing can be changed to secondary or primary crusher to reduce the equipment cost of the concentrator. Equipped with a multi-functional hydraulic station, it has functions such as hydraulic high-speed discharge of gaps, stable impact plate vibration reduction, and automatic opening of the machine body.

Of course, the impact crusher can also be used for fine crushing. It can grind cement materials to a particle size of 0-5mm. It is characterized by a good forming effect, reasonable stone gradation, less dust, and low noise.

Cement cone crusher

Cement cone crusher is an advanced crushing equipment in the mining field. Its outstanding advantages are a high degree of automation, a wide range of particle size adjustments, and stable operation. In the process of cement clinker processing, the high degree of automation means that the operation process and steps of the equipment can be further simplified, which provides a theoretical guarantee for reducing the difficulty of using the equipment; the particle size adjustment range is wide.

Cement cone crusher

This advantage further improves the comprehensive utilization value of the cone crusher, further broadens the use range of materials, and can also meet the various needs of customers in terms of output particle size; Stable operation: the operation state of the new generation of cone crusher is more stable so that the reliability of the equipment will rise steadily, and it will play a greater role in improving the production efficiency of the equipment.

Of course, the impact crusher can also be used for fine crushing. It can grind cement materials to a particle size of 0-5mm. It is characterized by a good forming effect, reasonable stone gradation, less dust, and low noise.

Cement hammer crusher

Cement hammer crusher, The reversible hammer crusher is named after the rotor can rotate in both directions. It is one of the crushing equipment for crushing limestone, coal, or other brittle materials below medium hardness in metallurgy, building materials, the chemical industry, hydropower, and other industrial fields.

Cement cone crusher

The specific advantages of the cement ball crusher produced by Henan Baichy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baichy Heavy Industry) are as follows:

● The crushing ratio is large enough

The crushing ratio is the performance parameter of the crushing equipment. It is an effective parameter to measure whether the output particle size of the equipment is uniform. The larger the crushing ratio, the more uniform the output state. Otherwise, it will not meet the basic requirements of customers. The crushing ratio of the cement crusher produced by the Baichy Heavy Industry is very large. When we made a preliminary design of the equipment, we made a reasonable layout and arrangement of the parameters of the crushing ratio, so the output granularity of our equipment can meet the customer's requirements.

● High production efficiency

The new generation of cement crushers adopts high-quality motor parts. Excellent motor is the core component to improve the production efficiency of the equipment, which fundamentally improves the production efficiency of the equipment. Baichy Heavy Industry prioritizes the use of high-quality, high-performance, low-power motor components not only to improve the production efficiency of the equipment but also effectively increase the production output of the equipment, making the cement crusher more powerful and more widely used.

● The running state is stable

The operating state of the cement crusher has been further improved, and its stability and reliability have been optimized. The operating state is a basic condition for giving full play to other advantages of the equipment. Only the operating state of the cement crusher has a guarantee of reliability. , then the other advantages of the equipment can be fully reflected. Baichy Heavy Industry has also made a layout and design for the operation status of the equipment, which makes the overall structure of the equipment very compact and novel, which greatly reduces the trouble in the operation of the equipment. The resistance and load make the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable.

Finished aggregate size

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