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Two-stage Crusher

The two-stage crusher is a high-efficiency crushing equipment. Its working principle is based on the design of dual rotors and dual-material chambers. This kind of machine crushes materials through two rotors at the same time, realizing the dual-stage crushing function of hammer powder and material powder, making the fineness of the crushed materials more uniform. Compared with traditional crushers, the output of a two-stage crusher can be increased by 50%.

Feed Size
Motor Power
15-300 t/h
Two-stage Crusher
Feed Size
Moter Power
15-300 t/h
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Advantages of Two-stage Crusher

The two-stage crusher has become an indispensable and important equipment in the industrial field due to its efficient, uniform, and reliable crushing performance and wide range of applications.

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  2. Hammer double stage crusher
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Two-stage Crusher of Application

About a double-stage crusher: The mining industry: is used to crush various ores, such as calcite, limestone, etc. Construction industry: often used to process construction waste, construction waste, and other materials.Road and railway construction: In the construction of these infrastructures, double-stage crushers are used to crush various stones and provide suitable aggregates for construction.

Coal gangue and cinder: These materials are commonly used as additives in brick and tile manufacturing, and a two-stage crusher can efficiently break them to the required particle size. 

Shale: A common building material, a dual-stage crusher can reduce it to a size suitable for making bricks and tiles.
Construction waste and waste materials: With the acceleration of urbanization, the disposal of construction waste has become an important issue. The dual-stage crusher can effectively break these wastes into reusable aggregates.
In addition, the two-stage crusher is also suitable for processing slag, slag, tailings, and other raw materials with no limit on moisture content, making it an ideal crushing equipment.
Two-Stage BAICHY Crusher Machine Two-Stage BAICHY Crusher
Working principle

Working principle

During the operation of the two-stage crusher, it is driven by dual motors, so that the upper and lower sets of rotors can rotate at high speed at the same time. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it will first encounter the crushing effect of the upper rotor. The upper rotor rotates at high speed to initially crush the materials. Subsequently, the initially crushed materials will quickly enter the working area of the lower rotor.

The lower rotor again uses the high-speed rotating hammer head to finely crush the materials. In this process, the materials will quickly collide with each other in the inner cavity and crush each other. This two-stage crushing method ensures that materials can be broken into more uniform particle sizes.
By adjusting the gap between the rotor and the lining plate, the two-stage crusher can achieve the purpose of changing the discharge particle size. This adjustment mechanism allows the two-stage crusher to produce materials that meet the required particle size according to different production needs.
In addition, the structural design of the two-stage crusher also takes into account the crushing of wet materials. By adopting a design without screening the bottom, the two-stage crusher avoids the problem of wet material clogging and improves work efficiency. At the same time, to handle materials with high humidity, the two-stage crusher is also equipped with auxiliary tools such as scrapers to ensure sufficient space during the crushing process, thereby ensuring output and crushing effects.
Two-stage crusher of working principle


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Feeding Size(mm) Discharge Size Production Capacity(t/h) Allow Material Moisture Content power(kw) Size(mm)
2PC2000×1600 ≤200

All size below 3mm:

in general about 50% is 0.5~0.075mm ,

35% is 0.6~2mm and the rest is 2~3mm.

The discharge particle size can be adjusted as needed

250-300 <20% 355+355 6410×3413×4260
2PC1600×1400 ≤180 120-180 220+220 6000×3100×3900
2PC1400×1200 ≤150 100-120 132+160 5800×2658×3210
2PC1200×1000 ≤130 80-100 110+132 4086×2230×2550
2PC1100×1000 ≤130 60-90 90+110 4086×2030×2337
2PC900×800 ≤100 50-70 55+75 3950×1750×2280
2PC800×700 ≤100 45-60 55+55 3485×1400×2254
2PC600×600 ≤100 20-30 22+22 2875×1300×1650
2PC600×400 ≤100 15-25 18.5+22 2350×926×1630

Crushed product size

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