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Spring Cone Crusher

PYB spring cone crusher is generally used as secondary crushing equipment in the crushing production line. It has a high-performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency. Its crushing is relatively uniform and suitable for crushing materials of medium hardness.

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Spring Cone Crusher
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Advantages of Spring Cone Crusher

The spring insurance system is an overload protection device that provides "spring-type" iron release protection for foreign matter (iron blocks). Under normal use, the equipment has a trouble-free operation rate of more than 95%.

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Spring Cone Crusher of Application

• Ore crushing: PYB spring cone crusher is widely used in the metallurgical industry to crush various ores, such as iron ore, copper ore, etc. Its powerful crushing force and high crushing efficiency can meet the metallurgical industry's demand for raw material crushing.

• Construction aggregate production: PYB spring cone crusher can be used to produce construction aggregates, such as crushing limestone, granite, and other rocks to meet the construction industry's demand for aggregates.


PYB Cone Crusher_Cone Crusher Price_Rock Stone Crusher PYB Cone Crusher_Cone Crusher Price_Rock Stone Crusher
Working principle

What Is The Working Principle Of The Spring Cone Crusher

The PYB spring cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission device, an empty eccentric shaft, a bowl-shaped bearing, a crushing cone (moving cone), an adjustment device, an adjustment sleeve, a spring, and a hydraulic station for adjusting the discharge port. Among them, the moving cone is supported on a spherical bearing and fixed on a suspended vertical shaft, which is placed in an eccentric sleeve, and the eccentric sleeve is placed on a thrust bearing.


• The swinging motion of the moving cone causes the gap between it and the fixed cone to move closer and farther from time to time.


• When the moving cone approaches the fixed cone, the gap between the two is reduced, which produces extrusion, shearing, and impact effects on the material, thereby achieving material crushing.


• The crushed material is discharged through the discharge port under the action of gravity and crushing force, completing the entire crushing process.

Spring cone crusher working principle


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors

Cone Dia.


Max. Feed Size


Adjusting Range of

Output Size(mm)



Motor Power


Overall Dimension


PYB-600 600 65 12-25 15-25 30 2800×1300×1700
PYD-600 600 35 3-15 5-23 30 2800×1300×1700
PYB-900 900 115 15-50 50-90 55 3050×1640×2350
PYZ-900 900 60 5-20 20-65 55
PYD-900 900 40 3-13 15-50 55
PYB-1200 1200 145 20-50 110-200 110 4152×2300×2980
PYZ-1200 1200 100 8-25 50-150 110
PYD-1200 1200 50 3-15 18-105 110
PYB-1750 1750 215 25-60 280-480 160 4870×3800×4192
PYZ-1750 1750 185 10-30 115-320 160
PYD-1750 1750 85 5-15 75-230 160
PYB-2200 2200 300 30-60 590-1000 280 7705×3430×4852
PYZ-2200 2200 230 10-30 200-580 280
PYD-2200 2200 100 5-15 120-340 280

Crushed product size

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