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Symons Cone Crusher

CS Symons cone crusher is a high-performance cone crusher. It is a modern high-performance crusher designed and developed based on the principle of laminated crushing and the concept of more crushing and less grinding, based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology, according to customer needs.

Feed Size
Motor Power
30–800 t/h
Symons Cone Crusher
Feed Size
Moter Power
30–800 t/h
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Advantages of Symons Cone Crusher

CS Symons cone crusher occupies an important position in the crushing industry with its high-efficiency crushing capacity, easy adjustment and maintenance, high reliability and durability, low operating cost, and wide adaptability.

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Symons Cone Crusher of Application

• Mining: In the mining process of metal and non-metallic ores, CS cone crusher can process a variety of ores including iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, etc., to achieve ore crushing and screening.

• Sand and gravel yard: In the sand and gravel yard, CS cone crusher is used to crush natural stones such as river pebbles and pebbles to produce sand and gravel aggregates that meet the requirements.
• Cement plant: In the cement production process, CS cone crusher is used to crush raw materials such as limestone to provide qualified raw materials for cement production.


Symons Cone Crusher, secondary cone crusher Good Price Symons Cone Crusher Manufacturers
Working principle

What Is The Working Principle Of The Symons Cone Crusher

• Core components: The CS cone crusher mainly comprises frame, cone (including dynamic cone and static cone), crushing wall, transmission device, crushing chamber, adjustment device, and other parts. Among them, the cone is the core part of the crusher, which is composed of a dynamic cone and a static cone.


• Transmission mode: The motor transmits power to the cone part through a pulley or coupling, cone crusher transmission shaft and other devices. The cone part swings around a fixed point under the force of the eccentric sleeve.


• Compression and crushing: The material is compressed by the cone and the wall in the cone-crushing chamber. The eccentric shaft of the cone makes the cone rotate in the crushing chamber, thereby generating pressure and impact force. The material is compressed, bent, and sheared between the dynamic cone and the static cone, thereby achieving the crushing effect. This lamination crushing method helps to form a more uniform particle size distribution.

Working principle of symons cone crusher


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Cavity Type Crushing Cone
Adjusting Range of
Discharge Opening(mm)
Max feeding size
Overall size
CS75 C 900(3') 13-38 150 59-163 75 2656×1636×2241
CS75 M 900(3') 9-22 85 45-91 75 2656×1636×2241
CS75 F 900(3') 3-13 35 27-90 75 2656×1636×2241
CS110 C 1200(4') 19-50 180 110-250 110 2821×1974×2651
CS110 M 1200(4') 13-38 130 80-180 110 2821×1974×2651
CS110 F 1200(4') 9-31 90 63-140 110 2821×1974×2651
CS160 C 1295(4 1/4') 19-51 205 172-349 160 2983×1866×3156
CS160 M 1295(4 1/4') 16-38 178 132-253 160 2983×1866×3156
CS160 F 1295(4 1/4') 13-31 115 109-181 160 2983×1866×3156
CS220 C 1400(4 1/2') 30-60 235 210-530 220 3360x2650x3050
CS220 M 1400(4 1/2') 22-45 180 180-475 220 3360x2650x3050
CS220 F 1400(4 1/2') 19-40 100 130-260 220 3360x2650x3050
CS250 C 1650(5 1/2') 25-64 228 299-635 250 3941×2954×3771
CS250 M 1650(5 1/2') 22-51 205 258-417 250 3941×2954×3771
CS250 F 1650(5 1/2') 16-38 178 181-327 250 3941×2954×3771
CS315 C 2135(7') 31-64 314 1125-1814 400 4613×3302×4638
CS315 M 2135(7') 25-51 284 862-1424 400 4613×3302×4638
CS315 F 2135(7') 19-38 236 544-1034 400 4613×3302×4638

Crushed product size

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