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Dewatering screen

When acting on different materials, the structure of the dewatering screen may be different. For example, the sand and gravel dewatering screen on the water washing sand production line and the commonly used tailings dewatering screen in the mineral processing plant are different equipment. Therefore, when selecting and using a mining dewatering screen, it is necessary to select according to the specific material characteristics and production needs to ensure that it can achieve the best performance and effect.

Feed Size
Motor Power
30-250 t/h
Dewatering screen
Feed Size
Moter Power
30-250 t/h
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Advantages of Dewatering screen

Mining dewatering screens play an important role in mining production due to their advantages of efficient dehydration, energy saving, and environmental protection, large processing capacity, simple structure, and strong adaptability.

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Dewatering screen of Application

● Mining dewatering screens play an important role in the sand-washing process in sand and gravel plants. Washing sand is a process of removing soil and impurities from sand and gravel through water flushing, and the mining dewatering screen can efficiently dehydrate the washed sand and gravel so that it reaches the specified moisture content for subsequent use or transportation.


● Mining dewatering screens also play a key role in the coal slime recovery process in coal preparation plants. Coal slime is a fine-grained material with high water content produced during the coal production process. Through the vibrating screening function of the dewatering screen, the moisture in the coal slime can be effectively removed and the utilization rate and quality of the coal slime can be improved.


● Mining dewatering screens also play an important role in the dry discharge process of tailings in the mineral processing plant. Tailings are the waste left after ore beneficiation and usually contain high moisture. The dehydration treatment through the tailings dewatering screen can greatly reduce the moisture content of the tailings, facilitate the stacking and transportation of the tailings, and also help reduce environmental pollution.


Dewatering Screens for Sand Washing Plants Dewatering Vibrating Screen Latest Price, Manufacturers
Working principle

Working principle

Mine dewatering screens usually consist of key components such as screen boxes, vibrators, screens, and damping springs. When the equipment is started, the vibrator drives the screen to vibrate at high frequencies. Materials are evenly placed on the screen and are affected by vibration and gravity.

During this process, due to the vibration of the screen, the moisture and fine impurities in the material are affected by centrifugal force and are forced to pass through the mesh of the screen and be discharged. The screened materials, because their particle size exceeds the mesh size of the screen, will be retained on the screen and continue to move forward with the vibration of the screen.
The screen mesh design of mining dewatering screens usually has a certain inclination angle, which helps the material flow smoothly during the screening process. At the same time, the vibration frequency and amplitude of the screen can be adjusted according to the properties and processing needs of the material to achieve the best dehydration effect.
Dewatering screen structure diagram


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Motor Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Feeder Size(mm) Sieve plate parameters Overall Dimension(mm)
Size(mm) Area(㎡)
ZSD1230 1.9 30-80 ≤10 1200x3000 3.6 3085x1590x1439
ZSD1236 2.2 30-80 ≤10 1200x3600 4.32 3677x1590x1600
ZSD1530 2.2 80-120 ≤10 1500×3000 4.5 3075×2491×1601
ZSD1536 3 80-120 ≤10 1500×3600 5.4 3200×2491×1802
ZSD1836 7.5 100-140 ≤10 1800×3600 6.48 3758×3075×1988
ZSD1842 7.5 100-140 ≤10 1800×4200 7.56 4368×3075×2000
ZSD1848 7.5 100-140 ≤10 1800×4800 8.64 4791×3065×1959
ZSD2442 11 140-180 ≤10 2400×4200 10.1 4403×3737×1931
ZSD2448 11 140-180 ≤10 2400×4800 11.52 5008×3737×1977
ZSD3048 15 200-250 ≤10 3000×4800 14.4 4959×4518×2218

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