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DMC Pulse Dust Collector

The pulse dust collector is applied in air purification and material recovery in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, mine, cement, chemical engineering, carbon black, asphalt concrete mixing, boiler, and other industries.

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DMC Pulse Dust Collector
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DMC Pulse Dust Collector Product features

Product Features

Spray protective treatment process, high strength and stiffness of framework, no welding burrs, reduce mechanical wear and prolong service life.

Stable Performance

Using compressed air back pulse ash removal, the small energy consumption of soot, soot cleaning effect is good, it overcomes the other form of qing fly institutions more widespread switch valve, the leakage air volume is large, complex, the switch does n

Quality Assurance

It adopts the single-layer box structure of unit combination, each floor is arranged in 6/5/4 rows, with a compact layout and flexible and convenient design.

Optimal Design

The filter bag mouth is made of special fiber material with good elasticity and high strength, which makes the dust chamber and the cleanroom have excellent dust sealing performance.

Working principle

Working principle

Under the effect of the air fan, airflow with dust is sucked into the dust collecting chamber from the bottom or one side. Those big dust particles will go downwards because of the decreasing speed of the airflow. While, those fine dust particles, will be stopped at the outside layer of the filter bag. When compressed air blows reverse back the filter bag, the fine particles will break away from the bag and go downwards with the big particles. Finally, dust particles will be discharged outside and the purified air will be discharged upon the upper side of the cleaning chamber. Finally, it plays a role of collecting dust, and air pollution prevention purpose.

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*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Total filter area (m2) Filtering wind speed (m/s) Input air (m³/h) No. of filter bag (pc) Specification of filter bag (mm) Air consumption (m³/h) Density of inlet (g/m³) Density of outlet (mg/m³)
DMC-32 24-32 1.04-1.67 1500-2400 32 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.032 200 50
DMC-48 36-48 1.15-1.62 2500-3500 48 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.048
DMC-64 48-64 1.21-1.74 3500-5000 64 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.064
DMC-80 60-80 1.25-1.67 4500-6000 80 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.08
DMC-96 72-96 1.27-1.62 5500-7000 96 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.096
DMC-112 84-112 1.28-1.68 6500-8500 112 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.11
DMC-128 90-128 1.31-1.76 7500-9500 128 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.12
DMC-168 126-168 2.54-2.87 9500-10500 168 ∅120x2000/∅130x2500 0.168
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