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Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is a kind of machine that uses a motor to drive the screw to rotate and push the material to achieve the purpose of conveying. It can be transported horizontally, inclined, or vertically, and has the advantages of simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and convenient closed transportation.

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Screw conveyor
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Product features

The screw conveyor is characterized by a simple structure, small cross-sectional size, good sealing, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost, convenient intermediate loading and unloading, and the conveying direction can be reversed or conveyed in opposite directions at the same time.

Strong Transportation Capacity

It can be transported in reverse, and a conveyor can also transport materials in two directions at the same time, that is, to the center or away from the center.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The structure is relatively simple, the maintenance and management are convenient, and the cost is low.

Protect Environment

It can realize sealed transportation, which is conducive to the transportation of materials that are easy to fly and have a strong odor, which can reduce the pollution of the environment and improve the working conditions of workers.

Optimized Design

Professional design team With years of application knowledge, we pay attention to details in design and construction to ensure your plant runs smoothly.

Working principle

Working principle

The screw conveyor is mainly divided into three parts, the body of the screw conveyor, the entry and exit device, and the drive device. Among them, the screw body is mainly composed of a head section, middle section, tail section, screw shaft, and screw blades; the entry and exit devices are set at the head and tail of the machine according to the needs of customers; the driving device is composed of motors, reducers, couplings, etc.

The conveying process of the screw conveyor mainly relies on the driving device to provide power, and the screw bearing is connected by the coupling to move, the screw blade rotates with the bearing, and the material relies on friction to generate driving force with the casing and the screw blade, and is conveyed along the screw the bottom of the machine to move forward. And as the material continues to enter, the material that comes in later generates a certain thrust, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the screw conveyor during operation.

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On-site construction drawing of spiral conveyor


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model LSY165 LSY219 LSY273 LSY325 LSY425
Diameter(mm) 165 219 273 325 425
Operation Angle 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60
Max length(mm) 12 13 15 15 18
Max capacity (ton) 10 30 50 80 110
Motor power(kw) 2.2-15 2.2-22 3-22 5.5-22 5.5-22
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