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Sand Recycling Machine

The fine sand recycling machine is a high efficiency sand washer integrating sand washing, dehydration, and recycling, which has various functions. It has the characteristics of a reliable structure, a small footprint, and a reasonable price.

50-300 m3/h
Feed Size
Motor Power
50-300 m3/h
Sand Recycling Machine
50-300 m3/h
Feed Size
Moter Power
50-300 m3/h
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Advantages of Sand Recycling Machine

Fine sand recycling machine is the development of equipment for the slurry material dehydration, disengagement, deslimatization , the machine biggest feature is a good solution to the sand industry of the problem of fine sand loss.

Sand Recycling Machine of Application

The fine sand recycling machine is usually used after the circular vibrating screen or drum sieve, and the mixture of sand, water, and mud after screening is fed into the feeding end of the sand recycling machine, and finally, the sand is cleaned, dehydrated, and deslimed. The finished sand after fine sand dehydration has a water content of 14-16% and a mud content of less than 3.5%.
The fine sand recycling machine is mainly used for washing, dehydrating, and recycling the fine sand after the screening, which is simple and convenient.
Sand Recycling Machine Sand Recycling Machine
Working principle

Working principle

The fine sand recycling machine is composed of a dewatering screen, side liner, impeller separator, vacuum high pressure pump, cleaning tank, high return water tank, motor, and other components.

 The sand-water mixture enters the cleaning box and is cleaned by the impeller separator. After the sand and mud are separated, the sand and gravel enter the lower dewatering screen for dehydration treatment, and the wastewater (containing a large amount of fine sand, mud, dust, and other impurities) flowing out of the cleaning box is processed by the vacuum high-pressure pump is transported to the high-pressure separator, and the fine sand after centrifugal classification is sprayed to the upper layer of the dewatering screen through the sand settling nozzle for dehydration treatment, and the remaining waste water, mud, dust, and other impurities are discharged through the high-level return water tank. Coarse sand is produced from the upper layer, and fine sand is produced from the lower layer or mixed with coarse and fine sand.

the working site of sand recycling machine


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Pump Power
Separator Spec
Dewatering Screen Capacity
Spec(mm) Power (kw)
FX250 11 250 800×2000 2×0.75 30-60
FX300 15 300 800×2000 2×0.75 60-100
FX350 18.5 350 1000×2000 2×1.5 70-130
FX550 22 550 1200×3000 2×2.2 100-220
FX650 30 650 1500×3000 2×3 120-272
FX750 37 750 1500×3000 2×3 180-350
FX900 55 900 1800×3600 2×4 450-650

Crushed product size

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