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YK Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen is mainly a filtering mechanical separation equipment for mud solid phase treatment, consisting of a screen and a vibrator. The thickness of the sieve is expressed by mesh. Generally, the mesh below 50 mesh is coarse, and the mesh above 80 mesh is fine.

Feed Size
Motor Power
30–850 t/h
YK Vibrating screen
Feed Size
Moter Power
30–850 t/h
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Advantages of YK Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen has the advantages of high-efficiency screening, high precision screening, wide application range, simple structure and convenient maintenance, stable operation, low noise, energy saving, and environmental protection. It is an ideal screening equipment in various industrial sectors and construction fields.

YK Vibrating screen of Application

YK series vibrating screen, also known as YK series circular vibrating screen or YK series circular vibrating screen, is a commonly used vibrating screening equipment; widely used in mining sites for screening sand and gravel; the equipment is also suitable for mineral processing Operation, the ore can be graded and screened.

YK series vibrating screen has a wide range of application fields, covering almost all industrial sectors that require material screening and classification.

Vibrating screen_Vibrating screen for sale_Circular vibrating screen Vibrating screen_Vibrating screen for sale_Circular vibrating screen
Working principle

Working principle

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, a vibrator, a supporting device, and a motor. The motor drives the main shaft of the exciter to rotate through the V-belt. Due to the centrifugal inertia force of the unbalanced weight on the exciter, the combined screen box vibrates. Different amplitudes can be obtained by changing the eccentric weight of the exciter.

The vibrating screen adopts a flexible disc coupling with a simple structure and is easy to manufacture and maintain, which overcomes the defect that the universal coupling is easily damaged; it can be matched with a feeding box, and the application of the feeding box increases the effective screening area of the vibrating screen, and at the same time Extend the service life of the screen at the feed end.

Vibrating screen_Vibrating screen for sale_Circular vibrating screen


*The output will vary according to different materials, feed particle size and other factors
Model Sieve specification (mm) layer Mesh size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Processing capacity (t/h) Moto power (kw) Vibrating Frequency (r/min) Double amplitude (mm)
2YK1237 1200X3700 2 3-50 200 30-100 5.5 970 5-9
3YK1237 1200X3700 3 3-50 200 30-100 7.5
2YK1548 4800X1500 2 3-100 400 30-275 15
3YK1548 4800X1500 3 3-100 30-275 15
2YK1848 4800X1800 2 3-100 56-330 18.5
3YK1848 4800X1800 3 3-100 56-330 18.5
4YK1848 4800X1800 4 3-80 56-330 22
2YK1860 6000X1800 2 3-100 65-586 18.5
3YK1860 6000X1800 3 3-100 65-586 22
4YK1860 6000X1800 4 3-100 65-586 30 980
2YK2160 6000X2100 2 3-100 81-720 22 980
3YK2160 6000X2100 3 3-100 81-720 30 970
4YK2160 6000X2100 4 3-100 81-720 37 980
2YK2460 6000X2400 2 3-150 100-810 22 970
3YK2460 6000X2400 3 3-150 100-810 30 980
4YK2460 6000X2400 4 3-150 150-850 37 980
2YK2470 7000X2400 2 3-100 180-900 30 980
3YK2470 7000X2400 3 3-100 180-900 37 980
4YK2470 7000X2400 4 3-100 180-900 45 980
2YK2480 8000X2400 2 3-150 190-940 30 980
3YK2480 8000X2400 3 3-150 190-940 37 980
4YK2480 8000X2400 4 3-150 190-940 45 980
2YK3070 7000X2400 2 3-100 220-1000 37 980
3YK3070 7000X2400 3 3-150 220-1000 45 980
4YK3070 7000X2400 4 3-150 220-1000 55 980

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