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STONE CRUSHING PLANT: Mobile and fixed crushing plants

2023-01-05 10:06:42
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As raw materials for processing aggregates, stones mainly include limestone, bluestone, granite, basalt, diabase, etc., which can be directly used as raw ore or further processed into aggregate and machine-made sand. And what are these stone crushers? Next, I will answer and provide you with the stone-crushing production line process and dust removal plan.

What are the stone crushers?
Depending on the composition of the stone, the hardness of the rock is different, and the type of crusher used in the configuration will also have certain differences. However, the commonly used crushers mainly include jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers. These crushing equipment have been involved in coarse crushing, secondary crushing, fine crushing, and shaping finished product processing 12, 13, melon seeds, graded machine-made sand, high-quality machine-made sand, etc., which can not only meet industry standards but also meet customer needs.
What are the advantages of the mobile crushing plant?
1. Integrated complete unit The integrated unit equipment method eliminates the complicated site infrastructure equipment operations of separate components and reduces the cost of materials and man-hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of stationing. the
2. Mobile crushing mobility The mobile crushing station has a high vehicle-mounted platform, a vehicle body width smaller than that of an operating semi-trailer, and a small turning radius, making it easy to travel on general roads, and even more convenient to travel on rugged and harsh environment of the crushing site. It saves time for the convenience of entering the construction site. It is more conducive to entering the reasonable construction area and provides more flexible space and reasonable layout and equipment for the overall crushing process. the
3. The mobile crushing station that reduces the cost of material transportation can carry out the first-line on-site crushing of materials, eliminating the intermediate link of material transportation away from the site and re-crushing, which greatly reduces the cost of material transportation. In addition, the extended unit can directly send the crushed materials into the bucket of the transfer car and transfer them away from the site.
4. The operation effect is direct and useful. The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process equipment according to the customer's material type and product requirements in the process, to meet the needs of users for mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. Requirements, make the production organization and logistics transshipment more direct and effective and reduce the cost to the maximum extent. the
5. Strong adaptability Equipped with a flexible mobile crusher, aiming at coarse crushing and fine crushing screening systems,
It can be operated independently by a single unit, or it can be flexibly formed into a system and equipped with units to work together. The side outlet of the unloading hopper provides the flexibility of various configurations for the screening material transportation method. The diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration can not only supply power to the unit but also provide a joint power supply to the processing system configuration units.
What are the advantages of a fixed crushing plant?
The fixed crushing station is usually arranged outside the boundary of the stope, or it is arranged inside the stope in conjunction with the chute. It is not affected by the advancement and depth of the steps in the stope. It is connected to the ground with a permanently fixed foundation. After completion, it will be used permanently without moving. Its feeding methods are diverse. It can be directly unloaded by car, or a buffer silo can be set up to be fed by the ore-drawing device. The fixed crushing station is generally located in the crushing workshop of the mineral processing plant and has the same life as the mine.
The classification of stationary crushing stations is the least controversial. It has a solid foundation and is used outside the stope for a long time. The transportation distance is relatively strong and it is not suitable for adjustment.