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Feldspar crusher - BAICHY - High-Performance Stone Crusher Plant for feldspar

2023-05-30 15:03:54

Feldspar properties

Stone is an important rock-forming mineral in surface rocks. Feldspar is the general term for feldspar minerals, which is a common rock-forming mineral of aluminosilicates containing calcium, sodium, and potassium. There are many kinds of it, such as albite, anorthite, barium feldspar, barium ice feldspar, micro plagioclase, orthoclase, sanidine, and so on. Feldspar rich in potassium or sodium is mainly used in the ceramic industry, glass industry, and enamel industry. Feldspar containing rare elements such as rubidium and cesium can be used as mineral raw materials for extracting these elements. Feldspar with beautiful color and luster can be used as a decorative stone and inferior gemstone.

Feldspar crushing process

Feldspar is often milky white, but it is often dyed into yellow, brown, light red, dark gray, and other colors due to various impurities, and some can also have beautiful color changes or halo. The specific gravity is between 2.56 and 2.76, and the Mohs hardness is 6 to 6.5. Therefore, the feldspar crushing board chooses the cone crusher for medium and fine crushing.

Recommended machines for Feldspar crusher

According to different uses and different discharge fineness, the choice of Feldspar crusher will also be different.

30-50t/h Feldspar crushing plant