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High Efficiency Stone Crushers For Crushing Granite - Baichy Machinery

2023-02-03 14:23:26

When you want to crush granite but don't know how to choose the right machine, after reading this article, you may know a lot.

Granite is an ore with strong corrosion resistance, good stability, and high wear resistance. Its main components are feldspar and quartz. It has a uniform structure, hard texture, and beautiful color. It is a high-quality building material, often used in building buildings and floor tiles, and can also be made into cement and rock fillings.

The properties of granite:

Moh's hardness6~7 degrees
Density2790~3070 kg/m3
Compressive strength100-300 MPa (fine granite>300MPa)
Feldspar content40%~60%
Quartz stone content20%~40%

Granite has high hardness. At present, there are jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers in the market that have a better effect on crushing granite. The following explains the reasons why these devices have a better effect on crushing granite.

1. Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is often used as primary crushing equipment for crushing granite. It can crush granite of about 500mm to less than 100mm at a time, and the crushing rate is very high.

2. Cone Crusher: There are three types of cone crushers: spring type, hydraulic type, and compound type, which can process granite in medium and fine crushing.

3. Impact crusher: The impact crusher can continuously impact and crush large pieces of granite, and the shape of the crushed particles is better.

If you want to make granite into the sand, we recommend the VSI sand making machine for you. 

VSI sand making machine is the best machine for making granite into fine sand. It has the advantages of large processing capacity, high sand forming rate, low energy consumption, and strong environmental protection, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of granite.

In addition, we also have the granite crushing lines and the granite sand making lines, which can be matched at will to meet your various needs.