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2023-02-06 11:55:33

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is mainly used as a building material in large quantities and is also an important raw material for many industries.

"Limestone Crushing Production Process"

Limestone, as a soft material with a Mohs hardness of only 4, can be classified into coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing according to the size of the output.

Coarse Crushing Equipment: The commonly used equipment is a jaw crusher. The jaw crusher has a large crushing force and a large feeding range and can crush the large limestone into stones with a size of 125-400mm. In addition, jaw crushers are also suitable for the primary crushing of many other materials.

Secondary Crushing Equipment: Commonly used equipment is impact crusher, fine crusher, etc. After being processed by the brittle crushing equipment, the secondary crushing equipment is used to crush these stones into stones between 20-100mm, and the particle size of the discharged stones can also be controlled by adjusting the size of the discharge port of the medium crushing equipment. Get finished crushed stone.

Fine Crushing Equipment: The commonly used equipment is a sand-making machine. After the limestone is coarsely crushed and medium crushed, the small pieces of limestone can be crushed into 0-5mm machine-made sand under the action of the sand-making machine.

"200-250t/h Limestone Crushing Process"

After the limestone is mined from the mountain, the vibrating feeder sends the stone evenly to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, and then the belt conveyor sends the stone to the impact crusher for secondary crushing, and finally to the YK Vibrating sieve for sieving. The qualified ones are directly conveyed to the stockpile by the belt conveyor; the unqualified large limestones are returned and crushed again by the impact crusher. The final crushed stone particle size is 0-5, 5-10, 10-31.5mm.

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