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China primary Jaw crusher PE900X1200

2024-06-11 21:51:54

China primary Jaw crusher PE900X1200.jpg


Primary jaw crusher PE900X1200 is a medium-sized crushing equipment. Its main features and parameters are as follows:

1. Reasonable structure and smooth operation: PE900X1200 jaw crusher has a deep crushing cavity with no dead space, which increases the feeding capacity and output. The gasket-type discharge opening adjustment device is reliable and convenient, with a large adjustment range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment. It has simple structure, reliable operation and low operating cost.
2. High crushing efficiency: PE900X1200 jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and uniform product particle size. At the same time, its eccentric shaft rotates at a moderate speed to ensure high crushing efficiency.
3. Wide range of applications: PE900X1200 jaw crusher can process materials with a feeding particle size of no more than 750 mm. It is suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, construction, stone and other industrial fields. It is mainly used for coarse and medium-coarse crushing of materials.
4. Parameter configuration: The main shaft speed of this model of crusher is usually around 200 rpm, and is equipped with a 110kw motor. Its overall dimensions (length × width × height) are approximately 3470 × 2876 × 3330mm. The adjustment range of the discharge port is large, generally 95-165 mm, and the processing capacity is 220-380 t/h.
Please note that the detailed parameters of PE900X1200 jaw crushers produced by different manufacturers may be different. For specific parameters, please refer to the technical information provided by the manufacturer. At the same time, when using this type of crusher, relevant operating procedures and safety precautions need to be followed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of operators.