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What is the difference between tube grinder and ball mill?

2024-06-12 09:33:55
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what is the difference between tube grinder and ball


Grinding mill equipment is mainly used to grind the crushed materials. Tube mill and ball mill are two types of cylindrical grinding equipment that are currently used more in the market. There are still differences in the application process. Now I will introduce them to you.

First of all, from the appearance point of view, although the tube mill and the ball mill are both cylindrical in shape, the tube mill is longer than the ball mill relative to the cylinder.
Second, the grinding media in the tube mill is divided into two parts, the coarse grinding chamber uses steel balls or steel rods, and the fine grinding chamber uses steel forgings.
The grinding media used in the ball mill is steel balls.
Third, the aspect ratio refers to the different length-diameter ratios of the two types of grinding equipment. It is understood that the aspect ratio of the ball mill is 1-2, the tube mill cylinder is relatively long, with an aspect ratio of 2.5-3.5, and the multi-compartment tube mill can reach an aspect ratio of 3.5-6.0.
Tube Mill Advantages:
1. Strong adaptability, with little fluctuation due to the particle size, moisture, hardness, etc. of the material.
2. Large crushing ratio, fine particle size, and easy to adjust particle grading.
3. It can adapt to operations in different situations, and can also combine the drying and grinding processes at the same time.
4. Good sealing, negative pressure operation, and no dust flying on the site.
Disadvantages of tube mill:
The machine consumes too much energy. The machine barrel operates at a slow speed, but it is driven by an electric motor. While the grinding body impacts and grinds the material, it and parts such as the mill barrel liner are also worn away, so the metal material consumption is large.
Ball mill advantages:
1. It adopts full hydraulic operation, which is easy to use and easy to automate, and its reliability and life are greatly improved.
2. The main bearing adopts a large-diameter double-row self-aligning roller bearing, which has less friction and low energy consumption.
3. The grooved annular liner increases the contact surface of the ball ore, strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to lift the ore, reducing energy consumption.
4. The discharge port is reasonably designed, and customers can choose the iron remover according to their needs.
5. The reasonable feed port design of the feeding part increases the feed volume.
6. It forms a closed system with the classifier, negative pressure transportation, small dust, and reduces harm to the human body.
Ball mill disadvantages: high unit energy consumption, large energy consumption of steel rods, large friction loss between the grinding body and the machine body, used for crushing hard materials, strong vibration and noise during operation, requires a solid foundation, and is bulky and heavy.
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