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2024-03-25 14:48:00



Stationary crushing and screening station, also known as fixed crushing station, is a system integrating feeding, stone crushing, belt conveying, screening and other process equipment. It is mainly divided into two types: fully fixed type and semi-fixed type.

Fully Stationary crushing and screening stations are usually fixed in position during the entire service life of the open-pit mine. Most of them are located on the side or surface of the open-pit stope, and some are located at the bottom of the open-pit stope. The construction period of a fully fixed crushing and screening station is long and the cost is high. As the stope is deepened, the vehicle transportation distance continues to increase, resulting in an increase in vehicle freight.

A semi-fixed crushing and screening station usually consists of a crusher and a belt conveyor feeding equipment. There is also a buffer silo between the two. The crushing station is installed on a concrete foundation. When the unit needs to be moved to a new location, it needs to be disassembled, the individual components transported separately by a transport vehicle, and reassembled at the new location.

In general, the Stationary crushing and screening plant is a complex but efficient system suitable for scenarios requiring continuous, large-scale crushing and screening operations. When selecting and using, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its advantages and disadvantages according to the specific working environment and needs.




Stationary crushing and screening plants offer a range of significant advantages, making them ideal for many crushing and screening operations. The following are the main advantages of stationary crushing and screening plants:

1. Continuous and efficient operation: The fixed crushing and screening station has an advanced design and stable performance, and can realize continuous and efficient crushing and screening operations. Its crushing and screening equipment is optimized to ensure a smooth flow of materials through the system, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.

2. Large processing capacity: Fixed crushing and screening stations usually have large processing capacity and can handle large-scale crushing and screening tasks. This is very beneficial for handling large quantities of materials and improving production efficiency.

3. High screening accuracy: The screening equipment adopts advanced screening technology and can achieve high-precision screening effects. This helps to meet users' precise requirements for material particle size and improve product quality.

4. Reduce transportation costs: Fixed crushing and screening stations are usually located near the source of materials, which can reduce long-distance transportation of materials, thereby reducing transportation costs. In addition, the crushed and screened materials can be directly used in subsequent processes, further reducing transportation links.

5. Reduce environmental pollution: Fixed crushing and screening stations are usually equipped with dust removal equipment, which can effectively control dust emissions and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, its operation process is relatively stable and noise pollution is relatively low.

6. Easy to manage and maintain: The equipment of the fixed crushing and screening station is compact and the process is relatively simple, making it easy to manage and maintain. In addition, its operation has a high degree of automation, which can reduce manual intervention and reduce labor intensity.

To sum up, the fixed crushing and screening station has the advantages of continuous and efficient operation, large processing capacity, high screening accuracy, reduced transportation costs, reduced environmental pollution, and easy management and maintenance. These advantages make fixed crushing and screening stations widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries.

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