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Capacity 80t/h Complete Set Stone Crushing Plant For Russia

2023-05-11 13:34:37
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This project is used in Russia, and the client requires an output of 80-100t/h, which is used for the recycling and reuse of crushed construction waste. Due to the limitations of the site, the customer chose to use a steel frame structure (modular crushing), which does not need to build a foundation, is simple to install, easy to operate, and saves time and effort.

画板 2.jpg


画板 3.jpg

Vibrating FeederZSW850*3000
Jaw CrusherPE500*750
Vibrating Screen4YK1848
Iron remover-
Mesh Size10,20,40,70mm

Advantages of Gujian Steel Structure Intelligent Production Line

1. Compared with the traditional production line, the benefits of this intelligent steel structure production line are too numerous to count!

2. It can continue to produce without changing shifts at all, and the production line workers only need 10 people at most.

3. The qualified rate of products is high, the processing precision is accurate, and the average time for producing components is twice as long as that of traditional production lines. The annual production capacity is directly three times.

4. With monitoring and evaluation throughout the production process, it can follow up the production situation in real time and make corresponding adjustments.