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What is the difference between fine jaw crusher and coarse jaw crusher?

2023-06-27 14:30:05
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In the ore crushing industry, the jaw crusher can crush all kinds of large stones, whether hard or soft and can be processed in the production lines of gravel, sand making, grinding, etc., which not only ensures the normal operation of follow-up operations but also improves work efficiency.

What is the difference between a fine jaw crusher and a coarse jaw crusher?

1. The incoming and outgoing materials are different

The feed particle size of the fine jaw crusher is within 250mm, the discharge particle size is between 18-90mm, the crushing ratio is large, and the discharge particle size is small. The finished stone after crushing can be directly used in construction and other industries; The material size can reach 1200mm, and the output size can be freely adjusted between 10-400mm to meet different needs. The design of the crushing cavity is relatively deep, which improves the crushing efficiency of the equipment and the throughput of materials, and has a remarkable effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. The output is different

The fine jaw crusher is a relatively small piece of equipment with an output of 8-105 tons per hour; the coarse jaw crusher has a wide range of models and the output is within 1-1000t.

3. Different uses

Fine jaw crusher is suitable for secondary grinding and fine grinding after coarse grinding, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, and other industries; coarse jaw crusher is used in the coarse crushing process, that is, the first step of crushing, and is suitable for processing various ores with compressive strength below 250MPa have a wide range of applications.

Among them, the best-selling models of fine jaw crusher are: pex250x750 pex250x1000 pex250x1200