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How to choose a gypsum grinding mill machine?

2023-06-21 10:04:51
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Gypsum is a common building material, namely building gypsum, also known as plaster of Paris and stucco. Gypsum powder is one of the five major gel materials. It is widely used in many application fields such as construction, building materials, industrial molds, art models, chemical industry and agriculture, video processing, and medical beauty. It is an important industrial raw material.

Selection of gypsum mill:


               MTW Grinding Mill


               Vertical Roller Mill


                     YGM Grinding Mill


                      Rarmond grinding mill

The following mill equipment can be selected for processing gypsum powder: the processing fineness of Raymond mill is between 80-425 mesh (fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily), the processing fineness of three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mill is 150-3000 mesh Between (the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily), the processing fineness of the vertical mill is less than 3mm.

YGM Raymond Mill has a small footprint and strong complete sets. The transmission device of the main engine adopts a closed gearbox, and the transmission is stable. The important parts of the mill are made of high-quality steel, and the whole machine is durable and reliable in performance. The electrical system of the mill adopts centralized control, the selection is stable and reasonable, and the degree of automation is high. The vibrating feeder is small in size, light in weight, easy to adjust, and saves electricity.

HGM series three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mill is a new type of micro-powder mill developed by our company after more than 20 years of intensive research and experience accumulation, the introduction of the latest Swedish mechanical technology, and more than 20 times of research and improvement. It is one of the unions of these two countries and is the leader in the grinding industry today.

SRM vertical mill integrates the functions of crushing, grinding, drying, and conveying. The grinding efficiency is high, and the output of a single machine can reach 6-80 tons per hour. In addition to non-metallic ore pulverization, it can also be used in the pulverization of industrial waste residues such as slag, steel slag, and water slag, as well as the coal powder processing fields such as industrial boilers and lime kilns.

Based on the many characteristics of gypsum, Baichy Machinery has developed different types of mills. Using internal circulating air, it can quickly blow out the gypsum powder that meets the finished product, completely avoiding the phenomenon of over-powdering, and greatly improving the output and production efficiency. Customers can choose the appropriate equipment according to their needs.

Application Process:

This project can be divided into six systems: pe 250x400 jaw crushing, grinding, calcination, silo aging, dust removal, and heating.

The Technical Brief is As Follows:

1. Crushing the gypsum rock into a maximum size of 5mm

2. Elevate the 5mm gypsum particles into the silo for storage. When the silo is complete, the crusher will automatically stop working to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

3. Grind the gypsum rock particles into 80-120 mesh powder with our grinder. A separator inside the mill classifies the powder. The qualified powder that meets the requirements is sent to the calciner, and the unqualified powder is returned to the mill for further processing.

4. Calcinate CaS04.2H2O into CaS04.1/2H2O in a vertical fluidized furnace.

5. Hang the finished gypsum powder into the finished powder silo.

6. Put the gypsum powder into 15-50kg bags for sale or transport the gypsum powder directly to the gypsum board machine for 24 hours.


 Advantages of Baichy Mechanical Mill:

1. Excellent quality of the finished product: adopting the principle of material layer grinding, the material stays in the mill for a short time, less repeated grinding, less iron content, and high whiteness and clarity of the finished product;

2. Stable operation: Equipped with mechanical and electronic limit devices to avoid destructive impact and vibration; adopt PLC/DCS automatic control of grinding roller pressure control mode, accurate control, no manual operation;

3. Reliable powder selection technology: the principle of multi-wheel powder selection is adopted, all rotors can be adjusted by frequency control, and the fineness of the finished product can be realized within the selected range; the quality is stable and the reproducibility is high during multi-variety production;

4. Convenient maintenance and environmental protection: the grinding roller does not have direct contact with the grinding disc, has less wear, and long life; the grinding roller can be pulled out for maintenance, which is convenient and quick, reducing the loss of shutdown; small vibration, low noise, good overall sealing, no dust spillage, Clean and environmentally friendly.