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Recycled concrete aggregate crusher - Mobile Concrete Crushing Plant

2023-01-09 10:33:48
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Recycled aggregate can be simply understood as that after solid waste is crushed, screened, classified, and mixed in a certain proportion, the aggregate that meets different requirements for use is recycled aggregate, which is a kind of recycling of solid waste.

The definition of "construction waste recycled coarse aggregate for concrete" is made of concrete, mortar, stone, brick, etc. Construction (structural) waste, used to prepare concrete particles with a particle size greater than 4.75 mm; is classified into Class I, Class II, and Class III according to performance.
The definition of "recycled fine aggregate from construction waste for concrete and mortar" in "recycled fine aggregate from construction waste for concrete and mortar" is: particles processed from construction (structural) waste with a particle size of no more than 4.75 mm, such as Clay, mortar, stone, brick, etc.
Mobile crushers witness the rebirth of construction waste
Crushing equipment plays a vital role in recycled aggregate production. The main equipment is a jaw mobile crusher, a cone mobile crusher, and a mobile vibrating screen.
Production process: After the screening, iron removal, and grading, the construction waste enters the jaw crushing chamber for coarse crushing, the crushed raw materials enter the vibrating screen for screening, and the qualified finished products enter the cone crusher again, and the unqualified finished products are returned to the cone crusher again. Crush until it reaches the mark.
Configuration principle: Since the construction waste is distributed in blocks, has a large volume, and contains a large number of impurities such as steel bars, first of all, the mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a vibrating feeder, iron remover, etc. A coarse crushing operation is carried out; after that, the discharged material is processed by the iron removal device and then enters the impact crusher for fine crushing. Two screening iron removal processes ensure the purity of the material. The joint operation of crushing and impact crushing makes the finished product particle size regular and uniform, which is a kind of high-quality recycled aggregate.
In the above two cases, various mobile crushers play an important role in the regeneration and reuse of construction waste. Mobile crusher is a relatively new type of crushing equipment, which is very popular among users because of its integrated design, intelligent operation, and green and flexible features, especially in the construction waste treatment industry.