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What is the use of breaking marble into stones? What are the marble crushers?

2023-03-22 13:15:34

Marble refers to white limestone with black patterns, which can be used as building decoration materials. It is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine, and dolomite. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which has high hardness, good rigidity, strong wear resistance, and small temperature deformation.


The crushed stone and leftover materials produced during mining and processing are also commonly used to produce artificial stone, stone rice, and stone powder. There is no problem in marble crushing and processing, and it can be used as filler in road construction, gardening, paint, electrical insulation materials, switch plates, light switches, plastics, rubber, and other industries.


Marble jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is the first crushing equipment on the production line, with high output per hour and a large crushing ratio. The hourly production is generally 1-2200t/h; the crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead zone, which not only improves the feeding capacity and output of the equipment but also makes the particle size of the crushed product more uniform; compared with other crushing equipment, the jaw crusher The gasket type discharge adjustment device has a wide adjustment range and is flexible to use, which can meet various processing requirements of customers. Dust removal devices can be installed during production to achieve environmental protection and green production.


Marble cone crusher

Because the waste marble is relatively hard, the cone crusher can not only have a good treatment effect, but also can be sealed for production, and the production process is green and environmentally friendly. A cone crusher is a common two-stage crushing equipment in stone crushing production lines. It has a simple structure, robust reliability, and easy maintenance. The crushing specifications are complete, which can be used for medium crushing, fine crushing, and ultrafine crushing of stones; it can crush hard stones, with large production capacity and large crushing ratio; the hydraulic outlet adjustment method is adopted, and the outlet adjustment is convenient to meet the production requirements of different downstream customers. Adopt POL intelligent control to save manpower, material resources, and unnecessary resource consumption.


Marble mobile crusher

The mobile crusher is also an effective helper in processing marble waste, which can be produced at the location of the material, reducing the time for material handling. Moreover, the mobile crushing station can set up production equipment arbitrarily according to the requirements of its own production line, so as to maximize the production profit and efficiency. No piling, flexible transfer, remote control of the whole machine, short training period, and easy to use.