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Vertical Coal Mill

Vertical Coal Mill

Monitor rate: 185-1000 kw
Capacity : 10-120t/h
Application range : Vertical Coal Mill are widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals, and other industries. It can be used to grind various block, granular, and powdery raw materials to meet the needs of different industries for powdery materials. Especially in the fields of non-metallic ores, pulverized coal, slag, and other fields, the application of vertical mills is even more important.
Materials : Coal

Vertical coal mill, also called a vertical mill, is a type of vertical mill that is specially used to process coal. The main function of this machine is to grind raw coal into pulverized coal. It is the core equipment in the boiler pulverized coal preparation system.

In the process of preparing pulverized coal, the vertical coal mill has the characteristics of less dust, low noise, and excellent pulverized coal combustion performance. In addition, it has a compact structure and a small footprint, and the safe operation of the equipment is ensured by using explosion-proof measures such as temperature detection devices and online gas analyzers.

Vertical Coal Mill Pictures


Vertical Coal Mill

Process Flow Of Vertical Coal Mill

Vertical Coal Mill

The working principle of the vertical coal mill is based on an electric motor drive, which drives the grinding disc of the coal mill to rotate through a planetary reducer. The grinding rollers on the grinding disc rotate under the drive of the grinding disc. The raw coal falls into the center of the grinding disc through the coal drop pipe. Due to the hydraulic loading force, the grinding roller and the grinding disc are squeezed, crushing the large particles of raw coal. The sliding friction force generated by the relative movement of the grinding roller and the grinding disc further realizes the crushing of small coal particles. At the same time, hot air (generally below 300°C) is passed into the vertical mill to dry the moisture of the raw coal so that it meets the requirements of the finished coal powder. The ground pulverized coal is conveyed by air into the separator for separation. Qualified pulverized coal is transported to the pulverized coal bin, while unqualified coarse pulverized coal is returned to the mill for regrinding.

There are many vertical coal mills, which can be divided into low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed coal mills according to the speed. Among them, medium-speed coal mills (i.e. roller disc mills) have been widely used due to their wide applicability, low energy consumption, low steel consumption, easy maintenance, and low noise.

Technical Parameters

Model Grinding table dia.(mm) Max feeding size(mm) Discharge size(um) Discharge size(mesh) Air-in tempreture(℃) Air-out tempreture(℃) Input material moisture Final moisture Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
SRM1300 1300 ≤38 212-45 70-325 ≤350 70-95 4-15% ≤1% 10-35 185-250
SRM1500 1500 ≤38 212-45 70-325 ≤350 70-95 4-15% ≤1% 13-48 250-355
SRM1700 1300 ≤38 212-45 70-325 ≤350 70-95 4-15% ≤1% 18-68 355-600
SRM1900 1900 ≤38 212-45 70-325 ≤350 70-95 4-15% ≤1% 23-85 450-600
SRM2200 2200 ≤38 212-45 70-325 ≤350 70-95 4-15% ≤1% 36-135 710-1000

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