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Bentonite Grinding Production Line

Bentonite Grinding Production Line

Bentonite Grinding Production Line

The bentonite grinding production line is a production process specifically for bentonite processing. Its main purpose is to convert bentonite raw materials into high-quality bentonite powder.


The bentonite grinding production line achieves efficient, environmentally friendly and stable production of bentonite through advanced equipment and technology, providing strong support for the development of the bentonite industry.


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Process flow diagram

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Introduction of Bentonite Grinding Production Line

1. Raw material crushing:
First, large pieces of bentonite raw material are sent to the crusher for crushing. This is usually done using a jaw crusher or hammer crusher to control the grinding particle size within 2 cm.
2. Grinding:
The crushed bentonite materials are evenly fed into the mill for grinding. Common mills include ball mills or roller mills, especially vertical mills, which are widely used in bentonite grinding due to their high efficiency and automation.
In the mill, the bentonite material is crushed by the rotation of the grinding roller and is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. At the same time, hot air is sprayed upward from the air ring at high speed and evenly to dry the ground bentonite.
3. Grading:
The ground bentonite materials enter the classifier for classification. The qualified fine powder passes smoothly, and the unqualified coarse powder falls back to the grinding area to continue processing. For production that requires ultra-fine powder (such as above 1500 mesh), it is recommended to enter the secondary classification system and screen again.
4. Collection and packaging:
Qualified bentonite fine powder is collected by dust collection equipment through pipelines, which is the finished bentonite fine powder. The finished fine powder is then packaged and stored.

Advantages of Bentonite Grinding Production Line


1. Large single-machine production capacity:


Advanced equipment such as bentonite vertical mills have large single-machine production capabilities and can meet the needs of large-scale production.


2. Simple process and high degree of automation:


The entire production line has a scientific and reasonable configuration and a high degree of automation, which simplifies the production process, reduces manual operations, and reduces production costs.


3. Stable product quality:


The vertical mill equipment adopts a special grinding roller and disc structure design to achieve a larger grinding area and efficient powder production. The finished product has uniform particle size distribution, fine powder and high activity, which meets the market demand for high-quality bentonite powder.

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Finished powder from grinding equipment

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Finished powder from grinding equipment

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