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250-350 Tph Capacity Hard Stone Crushing & Screening Plant

2024-06-17 20:06:04
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250-350 Tph Capacity Hard Stone Crushing & Screening Pla


250-350 Tph Capacity Hard Stone Crushing & Screening Plant includes some different machinery and different models. Now let us talk about the Trommel screen, whose capacity is 250-350tph.


What is a Trommel screen?

The rotary vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine with low noise, high efficiency, and quick screen change within 3-5 minutes. It has a fully enclosed structure and is suitable for screening and filtering materials such as particles, powders, and mucus. As a widely used screening equipment, the trommel screen plays an important role in many fields due to its high efficiency, convenience, and environmental protection. The working principle is to control the sorting of materials based on the particle size.
1. Trommel screen Working principle
The drum screen consists of an inclined rotating cylinder with a screen inside. The material is thrown in from one end of the cylinder, and as the cylinder rotates, the material turns and rolls. Smaller materials will pass through the screen and fall below, while larger materials will be transported to the other end of the cylinder and discharged.
2. Trommel Screen Advantages
• High screening efficiency. The friction coefficient is small and the wear is small, further reducing the risk of screen hole clogging.
• Smooth operation and low noise
• The trommel screen adopts an overall through-shaft structure, which runs smoothly and has very little impact vibration, which reduces the noise of equipment operation. The lower noise level helps improve the working environment and reduce noise pollution in the surrounding environment.
• Trommel Screen High reliability, low investment. 
• The drum screen adopts a special screen mesh, which has high screening efficiency and long service life, which improves the reliability of the whole machine.
• The one-time investment cost is low, making the application of trommel screens in the mining industry more economical.
Models:GTS0618,GTS0824,GTS1030,GTS1236,GTS1545,GTS1860.Among them, the trommel screen model GTS1860 just meets the production capacity of 250-350 tph.
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