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Types of Stone Crushers Machine - Quarry Crushing Equipment

2023-04-15 14:44:50

Types of Stone Crushers Machine

Stone Crusher is a machine used to break raw materials such as large stones or rocks into smaller granular materials. It is widely used in construction, road, railway, water conservancy and other industries. According to different working principles and structural forms, common stone crushers mainly include the following types:


1. Jaw Crusher: A crushing machine composed of jaw plates and hinges, which can process large and medium-sized stones and other materials into medium-sized products.

2. Impact Crusher: It adopts the structure of high-speed rotating rotor and impact plate, which can crush hard and brittle raw materials, and is usually used for forming stones and rock particles with medium and low hardness.

3. Cone Crusher (Cone Crusher): A crushing equipment with a cone as the crushing shell and a moving crushed stone in the middle, which can crush stones or ores with high hardness, medium hardness and poor abrasiveness. Broken into smaller particles.

4. Hammer Crusher: It is mainly composed of rotor, conveyor belt, vibrating feeder, sieve plate, etc. It can crush semi-wet and hard stones into medium-sized particles.

The above types of stone crushers have their own advantages and scope of application. Users should make reasonable choices according to specific production needs and raw material characteristics when choosing.

The crushing equipment in the quarry is different according to factors such as the size of the output and the hardness of the material, and the selected crushing equipment will also be different. When choosing quarry crushing equipment, environmental issues such as production efficiency, dust, and noise, as well as maintenance and maintenance costs, should be considered, and it is most appropriate to comprehensively decide which crushing equipment to use.

As one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in mines and quarries, the jaw crusher has the following advantages:

  • High crushing rate: The jaw crusher has a wide crushing cavity and a large crushing angle, which can make full use of the raw materials entering the crushing cavity for crushing, thereby improving the crushing rate.

  • High crushing efficiency: The jaw crusher uses the jaw plate and spring safety device to adjust so that the impact force generated by the crusher during the crushing process can be fully utilized to achieve the best crushing effect.

  • Low maintenance cost: The jaw crusher has the characteristics of a simple structure and low maintenance cost. It is easy to repair and replace parts, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

  • Wide range of applications: Jaw crushers are suitable for crushing rocks and ores of various hardness and strength, including relatively hard limestone, granite, iron ore, etc., and are widely used in quarries, mines, construction sites, and other industries.

In short, as a commonly used quarry and mine crushing equipment, jaw crusher has the advantages of a high crushing rate, high crushing efficiency, low maintenance cost, and wide application range.

The secondary impact crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in mines and quarries. Compared with other crushing equipment, it has the following advantages:

  • High crushing fineness: The secondary impact crusher uses a high-speed rotating rotor to crush the raw materials and breaks the materials into smaller particle sizes through repeated impacts and impacts, so the crushing fineness is high.

  • High production capacity: The working principle of the secondary impact crusher is that the rotor rotates continuously and has high-speed work efficiency, so it can realize efficient crushing operations and improve production efficiency to a certain extent.

  • The shape of the finished product is good: During the crushing process of the secondary impact crusher, the raw materials are repeatedly impacted and crushed, and deformed, so that the finished particles present various regular angular shapes and good three-dimensional angles, with better Styling.

  • High degree of automation: The secondary impact crusher can realize automatic operation, and is suitable for the production needs of industries such as coal, cement, and building materials with a high degree of automation.

In short, the secondary impact crusher has the advantages of high crushing fineness, high production capacity, good shape of finished products, and a high degree of automation. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to crushing rocks and ores of various hardness and strengths. For the production needs of cement, building materials, and other industries.

The advantages of cone crushers

  • High efficiency and energy saving: The cone crusher adopts advanced technology and structural design, with high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional crushing equipment, it can save about 30% of energy.

  • Uniform particle size: the cone crusher is suitable for materials with medium hardness and above medium, with low wear and uniform particle size, which is more balanced than other crushers.

  • Easy maintenance: The components of the cone crusher are compact and have a reasonable structure, making it easy to maintain and replace repair parts.

  • Wide range of applications: Cone crushers are suitable for many fields such as mining, construction, metallurgy, and the chemical industry, and have a good crushing effect on various materials.

  • High degree of automation: The cone crusher is equipped with an automatic control system, which can realize fully automatic operation, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve the working environment.