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What is the best granite crusher machinery?

2023-04-17 15:59:39
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There are many types of machines for crushing granite, which need to be selected according to different types of granite, crushing requirements, production scale, and budget. Here are some commonly used devices for your reference:

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher has a medium crushing ratio, high energy consumption, and high granulation rate. It is suitable for medium-hard granite, which can be broken into particles slightly larger than sand, and is usually used in roads, building materials, etc. The device is more common and relatively inexpensive.


Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher is suitable for the primary crushing of granite with general hardness and is easy to operate and maintain. The disadvantage is that the granulation rate is low and the particle size distribution is uneven. This type of equipment is usually used in small quarries or construction waste treatment, and the price is relatively low.


Cone Crusher

The cone crusher suits medium or fine crushing operations of medium or high-hardness granite. The cone crusher has an average particle size, a small particle size distribution range, and less dust. Requires higher investment and maintenance costs, usually used in more extensive quarries or concrete plants.


Sand making machine

Sand making machines mainly process medium-hard granite and are very effective in making high-quality artificial sand based on stones. Compared with other equipment, the sand particles produced by the sand making machine are firmer and smoother, which can be used for high-grade construction and road engineering.


In short, which type of equipment to choose depends on factors such as the hardness, particle size, and output requirements of the granite you need to crush. At the same time, factors such as investment budget and equipment use cost must also be considered. Hope the above information can help you.