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Iron ore crushing production line

2023-08-18 13:40:12

Applicable materials for iron ore crushing production line: iron ore, copper ore, zinc-lead ore, pebbles, etc.

Production capacity: 100t/h

1. Low operating cost, large output and high profit;

2. The production line is well matched. It is also very convenient in maintenance;

3. High degree of automation, almost no manual operation is required;


Introduction of iron ore materials

Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises. Natural ore (iron ore) is gradually extracted from natural ore (iron ore) through procedures such as crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, and gravity separation. It is a mineral aggregate containing iron element or iron compound that can be economically utilized. The material needs to be processed by equipment before it can be suitable for use. The iron ore crushing production line is a dedicated iron ore processing production line with high production efficiency.


Iron ore crushing production line workflow

The iron ore is evenly fed into the vibrating feeder, and the vibrating feeder evenly sends the iron ore into the jaw crusher. The first section of stone is sent to the cone crusher for the second section of crushing. The crushed materials are classified and screened by the circular vibrating screen, and the unqualified materials are returned to the cone crusher for crushing. The qualified products are firstly classified and screened by the circular vibrating screen. , and then transported to the finished product area by a belt conveyor.


Performance advantages of iron ore crushing production line

1. The iron ore production line has a high degree of automation and hardly requires manual operation;

2. High production efficiency, low operating cost, large output, and high income;

3. The iron ore crushing production line runs smoothly and has stable performance, and its production efficiency is about 3 times higher than that of domestic production lines of the same specification;

4. Due to the reasonable collocation of the production line. It is also very convenient in maintenance, reducing the maintenance cost of the company;

5. The special structure and processing technology make the machine sturdy and durable. The installation surface of the movable and fixed tooth plates has been mentioned that no filler is required for finishing, and it can be used immediately after replacement, without delaying the normal operation of the customer.

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