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What are the Different Types of Jaw Crushers?

2023-04-19 10:34:33


Features of pe jaw crusher

  1. With a unique counter-attack tooth plate, no key connection, the back plate of the rotor can withstand the moment of inertia of the rotor and the impact and crushing force of the hammer head;
  2. With a reasonable blow bar structure, it has the advantages of fast scheduling and multiple transpositions, which can shorten the time for replacing the blow bar;
  3. It has three-stage crushing and shaping functions, and has crushing characteristics such as large crushing ratio and cubic product shape;
  4. Optimally designed as a low-speed impact crusher with multiple crushing chambers, its line speed is 20%-25%, which is lower than that of common pe jaw crushers, with low energy consumption and high production capacity;
  5. Chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy materials with high wear resistance and high toughness, and new manufacturing technology solve the problem of crushing hard materials and greatly improve the service life of the blow bar.



Features of SKJ European Jaw Crusher

  1. The frame is stable            
    The non-welded detachable frame is used to change the unstable defect of the old-fashioned welded frame to ensure the firmness and stability of the equipment, and the detachable structure is more convenient for transportation and installation, and it is safe and convenient for underground operations.
  2.  Safe and low noise            
    The integrated motor base structure is convenient for installation and saves space, and the shock-absorbing pad design between the main unit and the base can reduce equipment vibration and reduce operating noise.
  3.  Large crushing ratio            
    The optimized design of operating parameters can ensure that the stone can be crushed at the upper part of the crushing chamber so that the stroke at the lower part is larger and the crushing ratio is greatly improved.
  4.  New wedge fast adjustment method          
    Adopting the new wedge fast discharge adjustment method, the discharge granularity is easier to control, the adjustment is more convenient, the labor cost is reduced, the downtime is reduced, and the discharge is more uniform.
  5. Durable and longer life            
    The bearing specifications are increased and the service life is extended; and the toggle plate is designed with a high-strength steel plate, which is easy to replace, more durable, and more reliable in quality.
  6. High yield and environmental protection          
    "V" type crushing cavity, the crushing area is enlarged, the material blocking situation is reduced, the work efficiency is higher and the output is higher, and the operation is environmentally friendly and less polluted. It is a high-yield crusher that meets environmental assessment standards.



Features of C SERIES Jaw Crusher

  1. Reasonable frame structure: The c series jaw crusher adopts an innovative modular, seamless welded frame mechanism, thus endowing the equipment with fatigue resistance, reliability, and installation method. Combined with high-quality cast steel components and first-class bearings, it can largely guarantee high-yield, high-efficiency, and low-cost operation of crushing operations.
  2. The reliability of the C series jaw crusher is based on pin bolt connection and non-welded frame structure, which makes it have excellent anti-fatigue strength.
  3. The jaw crusher integrates the design concept of the European jaw crusher and optimizes it in combination with domestic conditions. It has a novel structure, beautiful appearance, unique cavity shape, superior operating characteristics, large processing capacity, large crushing ratio, high efficiency and energy saving, etc. features.