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What is Vertical Grinding Mill? Roller grinder Features

2023-02-02 17:53:56
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A vertical pulverizer is a high-efficiency recycling pulverizing equipment, and it is a kind of pulverizing machine widely used in processing non-flammable and explosive materials. Suitable for construction, mining, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. Compared with ball mills, vertical mills require less investment and lower energy consumption, making them an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

"What is A Vertical Mill?''

A vertical grinder is a vertical steel vessel with an inlet, outlet, and inlet central section. It is used for fine dimension reduction when the output-to-input reduction is required to be large. These mill crushers consist of a reduced-speed rotary mill for size reduction. The entire closed circuit is in a negative ventilation state, and the finished materials are collected by fan-out of the mill.

The vertical roller mill has strong integrity, it can be used as an independent production system for conveying raw materials, grinding, and final packaging and this mill can complete more than 99% of the sieving particle size.

"Wear Parts Protection/Maintenance for Vertical Grinders"

Baichy vertical roller mills use different wear-resistant materials according to the abrasiveness of the material to be ground and the belt protection area. Grinding elements are mainly made of alloyed cast iron according to DIN1695, hard-faced cast iron or composite materials, and are embedded in high-chrome alloys in ductile base materials. Housings and other mill components are protected from jet wear by high wear-resistant steel or hard-faced composite plates. Components that are particularly prone to wear, such as the exhaust pipe, have an additional ceramic lining. These are all for optimal protection and short maintenance downtime.

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