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what is the difference between a single-cylinder cone crusher and a multi-cylinder cone crusher?

2023-01-16 16:21:12

Cone crusher is a secondary processing equipment, which is mainly used for secondary crushing in crushing and sand-making production lines. Baichen Heavy Industry produces a complete range of cone crushers, including single-cylinder cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers, and full-cylinder cone crushers. Hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, and spring cone crusher.


Both are cone crushers, what is the difference between a single-cylinder cone crusher and a multi-cylinder cone crusher?


Single-cylinder cone crusher is advanced crushing equipment, a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, developed with advanced crushing technology, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, intelligent control, and other technologies. The new crusher structure, optimized laminated crushing cavity, and fully intelligent automatic control system enable SC(S) series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers to have performance characteristics that traditional cone crushers do not have. It can be widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing, and superfine crushing operations.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of cone crusher combined with a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and PYB cone crusher, adopting advanced design concepts and optimized design.

Its high speed, high crushing capacity, and unique patented design make the crushed finished product have a high-quality cubic shape, and its easy maintenance can ensure its high stability of operation. It enjoys a good reputation all over the world. A new generation of spring cone crushers and a newer generation of hydraulic cone crushers.

Broken effect

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a good medium crushing effect and a large passing capacity.

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a better fine-crushing effect and a high content of fine-grained materials.

Applicable materials

When crushing soft ore and weathered ore, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can achieve a large throughput.

When crushing medium-hard and high-hard ores, the performance of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers is more prominent.

Generally speaking, the harder the hardness, the greater the difference between the two.


The single-cylinder cone crusher has a simple structure, low failure rate, low production cost, and more stable operation.

All parts of the multi-cylinder cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side, making daily replacement more convenient.

In fact, both multi-cylinder cone crushers and single-cylinder cone crushers are high-performance crushers. Compared with single-cylinder cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers have more advantages in terms of structural performance and convenience in maintenance, but the price will be relatively higher.