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Types of pulverizing mills - primary crusher, second crusher and Tertiary crusher

2023-01-15 10:01:22

Stones can be crushed into stones, sand, stone powder, etc. Different types of crushers are needed to crush stones of different specifications, and crushers are also divided into many types, such as primary crushers, secondary crushers, and tertiary crushers. The following article introduces in detail what crushers are referred to by primary, secondary, and tertiary crushers, and what crushers are used.

Primary Crusher (Primary Crusher)


The primary crusher is the coarse crusher, which is the first process of stone crushing in the production of sand and gravel. The primary crusher generally uses jaw crushers, large-mouth impact crushers, and heavy hammer crushers.

Jaw crushers, large-mouth impact crushers, and heavy hammer crushers are all crushers with large inlet ports. Larger stones are firstly crushed by the primary crusher, and then further crushed by the secondary and tertiary crushers.

Secondary Crusher (Medium and Fine Crusher)


The secondary crusher is a medium and fine crusher, which is the second process of stone crushing in the sand and gravel production line. After crushing, the stone material is produced. It is recommended to use an impact crusher and a cone crusher.

Impact crusher or cone crusher is generally used for the secondary crushing of stones. An impact crusher is recommended for medium hard and soft ore crushing, and a cone crusher is recommended for hard ore crushing.

Tertiary crusher (fine-crushing sand-making crusher)


The tertiary crusher is a fine-crushing stone crusher, and it can also be a stone sand-making machine. Generally, an impact sand-making machine or a fine crusher is used to crush stones to produce fine stones or sand materials.

After the stone is crushed in the first and second stages, the finished stone particles can be obtained. If you want finer sand and gravel, you need to go through the third stage of crushing, that is, the impact sand maker or fine crusher, to crush the stone again. Get out of the sand.

When crushing stones, the three types of crushers are generally used in conjunction with each other. The first-stage crusher crushes stones coarsely, the second-stage crusher crushes stones finely, and the third-stage crusher finely crushes or makes sand. The three grades of crushers can also be used alone, pay attention to the requirements for the input and output of each crusher.

The first, second, and third-grade crushers above can all be mobile crushers. Mobile crushers include coarse-crushing mobile crushers, medium, and fine-crushing mobile crushers, and mobile sand-making machines. It can also be used for crushing stones alone.