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What is a Cone Crusher? What is the working principle of a cone crusher?

2023-01-08 11:40:22

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Cone crushers are among the most widely used equipment in mining, aggregates and other industries. Although these devices appear bulky and difficult to operate, they are easy to understand.
How does a cone crusher work?
It all starts with the stone you need to crush. When the material falls into the crushing cavity, the crushing cavity is a cone, and the cone crusher adopts the principle of hydraulically driven crushing and crushing. The wall of the rolling mortar moves like a crushing wall, and the crushed material is crushed.
It adopts lamination crushing, the rotation of the motor passes through the pulley or coupling, and the drive shaft of the cone crusher and the cone part of the cone crusher is forced by the eccentric sleeve to perform a swinging motion around a fixed point; so that the cone crushing wall sometimes approaches. , sometimes leaving the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjustment sleeve so that the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed, and bent in the crushing cavity to realize the crushing of the ore.
Advantages of cone crushing:
It is suitable for crushing flake materials with uniform particle size; the cone crusher adopts a hydraulic device and high manganese steel wearing parts, which have the advantages of strong pressure resistance, large crushing force, and easy maintenance; the unique hydraulic device can clean the cavity and protect the equipment role.
It can realize automatic discharge, adjust the size of the discharge port, and start the cavity cleaning function when foreign matter enters to discharge foreign matter, smooth production, safe and convenient. The equipment has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, and low unit power consumption. More stable, low energy consumption.
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