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China Jaw Crushers - Fault Analysis and Daily Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

2022-12-21 15:27:34
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Standard fault analysis of jaw crusher

1. The bearing temperature is too high
2. The flywheel is running but not working, and the toggle plate falls off.
3. Knocking sound inside the machine
4. The movable jaw plate jumps

What are the reasons for these failures of the jaw crusher?

1. Insufficient grease, dirty oil, damaged bearing
2. The spring is broken, the pull rod is broken, and the pull rod nut is too loose
3. The tie rod is not tightened, and the toggle plate hits the toggle plate pad
4. The fasteners of the jaw plate are loose

What are the methods to troubleshoot the jaw crusher?

1. Wash off the dirty oil before adding enough new oil, and replace the bearing with a new one
2. Replace the spring and tie rod with a new one, and tighten the nut properly
3. Properly tighten the tie rod nut
4. Tighten the nuts of the lag bolts

Jaw Crusher Daily Maintenance and Operation Instructions

1. The crusher can only be fed after it is in normal operation.
2. The crusher to be crushed should be evenly fed into the crushing cavity, and side feeding should be avoided to prevent sudden load changes or sudden unilateral increases.
3. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius, otherwise stop the machine immediately, find out the cause and eliminate it.
4. Before stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, and the motor can only be turned off after the crushed material in the crusher is completely emptied.
5. When in use, if the machine is stopped due to the blockage of the crushed material, the motor should be turned off immediately, and the material must be removed before it can be used again.
6. After one end of the jaw plate is worn, turn it around and use it.

What are the maintenance principles of the jaw crusher?

1. Always pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong the service life.
2. The lubricating grease used by this machine should be determined according to the place of use, temperature, and other conditions. Generally, calcium-based, sodium-based, or calcium-based grease can be used.
3. The lubricating grease added to the bearing seat is 50%-70% of its volume, and must be replaced every three months; clean gasoline and or kerosene must be used to clean the dirt in the bearing and bearing seat when changing new oil. 
4. Grease must be added to the contact between the toggle plate and pad before the machine starts.