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About the application of construction waste crushing station

2022-06-17 14:04:14

Construction waste refers to the collective term for muck, waste concrete, waste masonry, and other wastes generated in the production activities of people engaged in demolition, construction, decoration, repair, and other construction industries. According to the source classification, construction waste can be divided into engineering muck, decoration waste, demolition waste, engineering mud, etc.; according to the composition, it can be divided into the muck, concrete block, crushed stone, brick and tile fragments, waste mortar, mud, asphalt blocks, waste plastics, waste metals, waste bamboo, and wood, etc.


The generated construction waste is not helpful to the construction itself, but it is the material produced in the construction process and needs to be dealt with. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry has also developed, the accompanying construction waste is increasing day by day, and the treatment and recycling of construction waste have now become an inevitable trend. Baichy was aware of this problem as early as 2008 and put it into design and production. By 2010, Baichy had brought construction waste treatment equipment to the market.


We offer a construction waste crushing station made for feeding, stone crushing, transferring, processing, re-processing, and other technology equipment .many equipment combine into a powerful mobile production line, to complete different construction waste processing lines system according to customers' needs.


So how is construction waste disposed of? The construction waste is fed by the forklift and is conveyed to the heavy hammer crusher by the vibrating feeder, and then the concrete, waste bricks, and stones in the construction waste are crushed, and then the processed materials are screened by the circular vibrating screen. Qualified finished materials of different specifications are produced. The iron removal device is arranged on the transmission belt, which can handle the iron filings and steel bars in the construction waste.


The construction waste mobile crushing station has the advantages of a high degree of automation, low production cost, small footprint, simple installation and operation, and flexible transfer. Now many users have benefited from Baichy Machinery in the field of construction waste recycling. Also, Baichy is looking forward to the arrival of more new friends.

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