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Marble mill, Marble grinding mill - Baichy Machinery

2023-06-13 10:27:51
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Marble, also known as marble, is a recrystallized limestone whose main component is CaCO3. Limestone softens under high temperature and pressure and recrystallizes to form marble as the minerals it contains change. There are many colors, usually with obvious patterns, and many mineral particles. Mohs hardness is between 2.5 and 5. Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine, and dolomite, and its main component is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%. Therefore, the leftovers of marble have important secondary utilization value and can be processed into subdivisions and widely used in the chemical industry.

FinenessApplication Scenariorecommended equipment
80-200 mesh Marble powder is heavy calcium powder (white cloud powder), the main component is calcium stone, its calcium content is high, and the whiteness is above 85, 90, and 93. Mainly used in chemical products such as construction, interior and exterior wall coatings, chemical raw material filling, weighting, papermaking, sealants, etc., and can also be used as feed additives.
MTW Grinding Mill / vertical roller mill
250-300 mesh Raw materials for plastics, rubber, coatings, and waterproof materials;MTW Grinding Mill/ vertical roller mill
350-400 mesh It can be used to make gussets, building materials, and chemical raw materials;
MTW Grinding Mill/ vertical roller mill
400-600 meshCan be used in ointments, soaps, etc.
MTW Grinding Mill/ vertical roller mill
More than 800 meshCan be used as rubber, plastic, cable, PVC filler;HGM grinding mill
More than 1250 mesh It can be used as raw material for PVC, PE, paint, coating-grade products, paper-making primer, paper-making top coat, and ink.HGM grinding mill

Marble Processing Technology

1. 1. Crushing stage: large pieces of material are crushed by the crusher to the feed fineness that can enter the mill (15mm-50mm)

2. Milling stage: The small pieces of materials that meet the grinding conditions are uniformly and quantitatively entered into the grinding chamber of the mill through the conveying and feeding system, and are ground into powder in the grinding chamber.

3. Classification stage: The ground materials are classified through the powder classifier with the system airflow, and the unqualified powder is classified by the classifier and returned to the main mill for re-grinding.

4. Powder collection stage: the fine powder enters the powder collection system with the airflow through the pipeline, the air and powder are separated, and the finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device, and then uniformly packed with a powder tanker or an automatic packing machine.

Marble mill, Marble grinding mill - Baichy Machinery

Recommended machines for Marble grinding mill

According to different uses and different discharge fineness, the choice of Marble mill will also be different.


               MTW Grinding Mill


               Vertical Roller Mill