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100-130 TPH Capacity Crushing & Screening Plant

2024-04-22 15:09:26
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The crushing and screening equipment with a capacity of 100-130 TPH is an efficient and stable production line, specially designed to meet medium-scale crushing and screening operations. The following is a detailed introduction to the configuration of this device:
1. Crusher part
1. Primary crusher:
Jaw crusher: As the front end of the production line, the jaw crusher can handle large pieces of raw materials and crush them to a particle size suitable for secondary crushing. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, and high crushing efficiency.
2. Secondary crusher:
Cone crusher: suitable for medium to hard materials, capable of providing a high crushing ratio and fine crushing effect.
3.Secondary crusher:
Impact crusher: suitable for processing materials with medium hardness and below. The crushed materials have good particle shape and are suitable for occasions where particle shape is required.
2. Screening machine part
1. Circular vibrating screen: It has high screening efficiency and processing capacity, and is suitable for use in medium-sized production lines. The screen mesh can be adjusted as needed to obtain products of different particle sizes.
2. Linear vibrating screen: For some specific materials or specific screening requirements, a linear vibrating screen may be more suitable. Its screening effect is stable and maintenance is easy.
3. Feeding and conveying part
1. Vibrating feeder: used to feed materials into the crusher evenly and continuously to ensure the continuity and stability of the crushing process.
2. Conveyor belt: Responsible for transporting materials from the feeder to the crusher, and transporting crushed and screened materials to designated locations to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.
4. Auxiliary equipment
1. Dust removal equipment: Equipped with an effective dust removal system, such as a bag dust collector or cyclone dust collector, to reduce dust emissions during the production process and improve the working environment.
2. Electronic control system: Adopt an advanced PLC control system to realize automatic control and operation monitoring of equipment, improve production efficiency, and reduce operating difficulty.
5. Installation and debugging
The installation and debugging of the equipment are carried out by professional technical personnel to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly according to the design requirements and undergoes strict debugging and testing to ensure its stable and efficient operation.

The configuration of crushing and screening equipment with a capacity of 100-130 TPH takes into account factors such as crushing efficiency, screening effect, production continuity, and environmental protection requirements, and can meet the needs of medium-scale crushing and screening operations. At the same time, professional installation and commissioning services also ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.