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Mobile jaw crushing plant and mobile cone crushing plant sent to Namibia from Baichy Machinery

2024-04-28 16:48:29
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The jaw mobile crushing plant and cone mobile crushing plant sent by Baichy Machinery to Namibia are professional crushing equipment provided by the company to Namibia. They are used to process materials of various hardnesses, such as ores, rocks, construction waste, etc. These equipment are efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and can meet the local production needs of Namibia.

The mobile jaw crushing station is mainly suitable for coarse crushing operations. Its powerful crushing capacity and high stability make it the first choice of equipment for processing bulk materials. The cone mobile crushing station is more suitable for medium and fine crushing operations. Its unique crushing principle and precise discharge particle size control enable it to perform well when processing materials of various hardnesses.
These mobile crushing stations not only have efficient crushing capacity, but also have the advantages of flexible movement, easy transportation and installation, and can adapt to various complex working environments. In addition, Baiqi Machinery also provides complete after-sales service and technical support for this equipment to ensure that customers can receive timely technical support and maintenance during use.
As a resource-rich country, Namibia has a strong demand for crushing equipment. With its professional technology and rich experience in the field of crushing, Baiqi Machinery has successfully provided high-quality crushing equipment to Namibia and won the trust and praise of customers. In the future, Baichy Machinery will continue to be committed to providing customers with higher-quality crushing equipment and solutions to promote the development and progress of the local economy.

Advantages of mobile cone crusher


Mobile cone crushers offer a range of significant advantages that make them excellent in a variety of crushing operations. The following are the main advantages of mobile cone crushers:


1. Flexibility and portability: The mobile cone crusher has excellent flexibility and portability, allowing it to be moved at any time according to the needs of the processing site. This kind of machine is usually installed on a crawler chassis, which can easily traverse various terrains and is suitable for stone processing operations in different sites. This flexibility allows the equipment to quickly adapt to different working environments and improves work efficiency.

2. Efficient crushing capacity: The mobile cone crusher adopts advanced crushing technology and design and has efficient crushing capacity. Its cone crusher adopts a cone crushing chamber design, which crushes and breaks the stone by rotating the cone crushing chamber to produce uniform products. This design allows the equipment to easily handle materials of various hardnesses and meet construction aggregates of different standards and requirements.

3. Controllable particle size of finished products: The mobile cone crusher has a good effect on controlling the particle size of finished products and has a certain gravel shaping function. After optimizing the motion parameters, the crushing cavity can well match its rotation speed, achieving selective crushing, which can increase the proportion of fine materials in the product and make the material discharge more uniform. This enables the equipment to produce aggregates that meet the requirements, improving product quality and market competitiveness.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The mobile cone crusher pays attention to the design of energy saving and environmental protection, and adopts an operation method that is not afraid of the processing environment, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution caused by the back and forth transportation of materials. At the same time, the equipment has good sealing performance, little pollution and low noise. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with an independent generator set, which can use diesel for power conversion. It can operate normally under power outages, no electricity, etc., and can switch between electricity and oil freely to save energy consumption.

5. Intelligent control: The mobile cone crusher is equipped with a PLC intelligent control system. Users can check the crushing operation status of the equipment at any time. The inspection of the entire vehicle-mounted equipment only requires "one-click operation", which is very convenient. This kind of intelligent control makes the operation of the equipment simpler and more efficient, and also reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment.6

6. Various configuration options: Mobile cone crusher can provide a variety of personalized unit configurations according to different requirements of customers and combined with actual conditions. The equipment can operate as a single machine or in combination with multiple units, thereby realizing a combination of functions such as single-unit crushing and multi-unit combined classification, crushing, and screening. This flexibility enables the equipment to meet the needs of different customers and improves the equipment's applicability and market competitiveness.


The mobile cone crusher has the advantages of flexibility and portability, efficient crushing capacity, controllable particle size of finished products, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent control and multiple configuration options. These advantages make the mobile cone crusher perform well in various crushing operations and become one of the most popular equipment in the industry.