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80t/h sand production line for Basalt

2022-06-13 16:25:44

The fine crusher is a high-efficiency and energy-saving fine crusher designed by our company's scientific researchers according to the needs of users and based on the comprehensive advantages of relevant crushers at home and abroad. Its performance has reached a high level and is currently an effective, practical, and reliable stone crushing machine. It is suitable for making fine and medium crushing of various hard and brittle materials such as abrasives, refractory materials, cement, quartz sand, steel sand, etc. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving gravel sand-making equipment, which saves 50% more energy than traditional fine crushers. Widely used fine crusher equipment.


Performance advantage

1. Reasonable structure: On the basis of not increasing the device specifications, the fine crusher is more compact, lighter, and more economical in structure than any other existing fine crushers. The equipment has excellent performance and a large processing capacity. Meet the needs of customers.

2. Large production capacity: The special crushing cavity shape and the principle of lamination crushing produce the crushing effect between particles, so that the proportion of finished cubes is significantly higher, reducing flake stones, more uniform grain size, and higher than 15%-20% of the production capacity of the same size fine crusher.

3. Good sealing: a special dust-proof sealing structure is adopted inside the non-contact equipment, the sealing effect is reliable, and the replacement cycle of lubricating oil and the service life of parts is effectively prolonged. The fine crusher has a special electrical control system, as well as some electronic intelligent anti-theft systems, combined with self-locking control equipment, to safely control the oil temperature, oil pressure, and oil flow in an emergency.

4. High degree of automation: The fine crusher has hydraulic lock and hydraulic adjustment functions, as well as iron release function and cavity cleaning function. The equipped hydraulic system and lubrication system can ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment, especially when the hydraulic system can control the push cylinder to flexibly adjust the size of the discharge port.


Working principle

The fine crusher is continuous operation equipment. When working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and the material of the fine crusher enters the crushing cavity for crushing, collides with the plate hammer on the rotor for crushing, and then enters the second fine crushing cavity for crushing. Outlet discharge.


Internal structure

The equipment is mainly composed of a rotary part, a guard plate part, and a box body. There are multiple non-overlapping hammer frames on the wheel core of the rotary part. The hammerhead is fixed on the hammer frame. The width of the hammerhead is larger than the hammer frame and the wheel hub. It consists of several hubs and is fixed on the main shaft. Both ends of the main shaft are supported on the frame by rolling bearing seats. The guard plate is divided into several pieces and fixed on the box to protect the box from wear and form different types of impact crushing. cavity.


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