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Vertical Raw Mill

Vertical Raw Mill

Monitor rate: 185-1000 kw
Capacity : 10-120t/h
Application range : Vertical Raw Mills are widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals, and other industries. It can be used to grind various block, granular, and powdery raw materials to meet the needs of different industries for powdery materials. Especially in the fields of non-metallic ores, pulverized coal, slag, and other fields, the application of vertical mills is even more important.
Materials : Raw material

Vertical raw mill is the key equipment of the cement raw grinding system. It is designed and developed based on widely adopted domestic and foreign advanced technologies and combined with many years of production experience. The vertical raw mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, and transportation. It is an efficient grinding mill equipment.


Vertical raw mill has a wide range of applications, not only in the cement industry but also in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries. Its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, small floor space, low unit power consumption, small metal wear, low machine noise, and high grinding efficiency make the vertical raw mill the first choice equipment for Raw material.

Vertical Raw Mill Pictures


Vertical Raw Mill

Process Flow Of Vertical Raw Mill

Vertical Raw Mill
The working principle of vertical raw mills is mainly based on their unique structure and design. The following is a detailed explanation of the working principle of a vertical raw mill:
  • First, materials (such as limestone, clay, iron ore, etc.) are fed into the feeding tube of the vertical raw mill. These materials undergo preliminary processing, such as crushing and matching, to adapt to the grinding requirements of the mill.
  • Then, the material enters the grinding disc area. The grinding disc rotates at high speed driven by the main motor. Due to the centrifugal force, the materials are dispersed around the grinding disc. At this time, the grinding roller begins to shear and crush the material under the action of gravity and the applied grinding force. This shearing and grinding force mainly comes from the relative movement between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. The speed difference between them forms an effective crushing and rolling effect.
  • During the grinding process, the materials are gradually refined and dispersed to various parts of the grinding disc. Some of the finer materials enter the external circulation system through the nozzle ring on the grinding disc, while the coarser particles continue to be crushed by the grinding roller until the required fineness is reached.
  • At the same time, the high-temperature exhaust gas from the kiln tail or hot blast furnace enters the inside of the mill through the nozzle ring, generating vortex wind to preheat and dry the materials. This helps the material grind better and improves grinding efficiency.
  • During the grinding process, qualified materials (that is, materials that meet a certain fineness requirement) are suspended under the suction force of the exhaust fan and separated by the powder separator. The powder concentrator ensures that the fineness of the raw meal powder meets the requirements by controlling the speed. Qualified materials are then collected and sent to the homogenization warehouse, while unqualified materials are returned to the millstone for grinding again.

Technical Parameters

Model Roller Roll Dia. (mm) Roll Ring Size (mm) Max. Input Size (mm) Output Size (mm) Capacity T/Shaft Power (Kw) Dimension
3R 1510 3 150*100 570*100 15 0.125-0.044 0.8-10 7.5 3200*1200*3800
2115 3 210*150 630*150 15 0.125-0.044 1-12 15 3500*3300*4500
2615 3 260*150 780*150 20 0.125-0.044 1.5-20 18.5 4650*3600*5100
2715 3 270*150 830*150 20 0.125-0.044 2-28 22 4700*3600*5100
3015 3 300*150 875*150 25 0.125-0.044 2-35 30 5300*4100*5200

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