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PE250x400 jaw crusher, PE 250x400 jaw crusher price

2024-05-14 17:34:20
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The PE 250x400 jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment. Its feed opening size is 250×400mm. The feed particle size usually does not exceed 210mm. The adjustment range of the discharge opening is 20-60mm. Its hourly processing capacity ranges from 5 to 21 tons, and the specific output will be affected by factors such as material characteristics, operations, and production line configuration.

This equipment adopts the extrusion crushing method and has a deep V-shaped crushing cavity, which can meet greater feeding needs and improve crushing efficiency. In addition, the careful design of the position of the flywheel counterweight helps improve the performance of the entire mechanical balancing system, making the equipment run more stable, and thereby increasing output.
In terms of configuration, the PE 250x400 jaw crusher is usually equipped with a 6P 15kw motor. This motor is economical, has sufficient power, has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminates multi-stage deceleration loss, and has good protection, strong insulation performance, and safety. Reliable, has a long life, high-temperature resistance, and other advantages.
The jaw crusher is mainly composed of a fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, frame, upper and lower guard plates, adjustment seat, movable jaw tie rod, and other parts. Its reserved structural design makes the equipment lightweight, small in size, space-saving, and easier to install and transport. convenient.

About of PE 250x400 jaw crusher price

In terms of price, the prices of PE 250x400 jaw crushers of different brands and models will vary. The specific prices need to be consulted and compared based on the actual situation.
In general, the PE 250x400 jaw crusher is a crushing equipment with stable performance, high crushing efficiency, and easy operation. It is widely used in mining, construction, highways, railways, and other fields.
You can find a variety of brands and models of PE 250x400 jaw crushers on the market, with prices ranging from about USD 800-USD 6,000. The specific price depends on the performance, quality, and production capacity of the equipment, and the supplier's pricing strategy.
Please note that when purchasing equipment, in addition to price factors, you should also consider the performance, quality, after-sales service, and other factors of the equipment to ensure that the purchased equipment can meet production needs and have good use effects.