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PE-750X1060 Rock Stone Jaw Crusher

2024-05-19 18:02:26
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The parameters of the PE750×1060 jaw crusher are as follows:


• Model: PE750×1060
• Inlet size (mm): 750×1060
• Feed size (mm): ≤630
• Discharge opening size (mm): 80-140 (can be adjusted freely)
• Processing capacity (t/h): 110-320
• Motor power (kw): 90-110 (usually 110kw)
• Weight (t): 29
• Overall Dimensions (mm): Dimensions may vary slightly depending on different suppliers and manufacturers. One common size is 2655×2302×3110mm, and the other is 2660×2430×2800mm.
• Spindle speed (r/min): 250 or 254

What is a rock jaw crusher?

Rock jaw crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment, mainly used to crush and crush rocks, ores, construction waste, and other materials of various hardness. Here are some details about the rock jaw crusher:
1. Working principle: The rock jaw crusher uses power to drive the movable jaw plate and the static jaw plate to move relative to each other, and uses pressure to break the materials into smaller sizes. When the movable jaw swings toward the fixed jaw around the hanging mandrel, the material between the two jaw plates is subjected to a combination of crushing, splitting, and bending, thereby achieving crushing.
2. Structural composition: A rock jaw crusher is mainly composed of a frame, working mechanism, transmission mechanism, adjustment device, safety device, and lubrication system. Among them, the working mechanism includes movable jaw plates and static jaw plates, which are the main components of crushing materials.
3. Scope of application: Rock jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, and other industries. In the mining industry, it is used to crush rocks and ores of various hardnesses to facilitate transportation and subsequent processing. In the construction industry, it can be used to crush materials such as construction waste and concrete to provide the required sand and gravel aggregate for road construction. In addition, in the water conservancy industry, rock jaw crushers also play an important role in producing large quantities of sand and gravel aggregate to meet engineering needs.
4. Models and parameters: Rock jaw crushers are available in various models and specifications to meet the needs of different users. For example, the PEX250×1200 jaw crusher is a common model with a low capacity and can handle 20-60 tons of materials per hour. The size of the material inlet is 250*1200mm, allowing materials below 210mm to pass through. The discharge particle size range is 25-60mm, and a 37kw or 55kw motor is required. This model is a fine jaw crusher, suitable for secondary crushing of small stones and crushing of small-volume stones.
5. Advantages and Disadvantages: The rock jaw crusher has the advantages of a large crushing ratio, uniform product particle size, and wide adjustment range of the discharge port, which can meet the requirements of different users. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as higher energy consumption and louder noise. Therefore, you need to pay attention to energy saving and noise reduction measures when using it.
In short, a rock jaw crusher is an important crushing equipment and is widely used in many industries. When selecting and using, you need to select and configure according to specific needs and pay attention to issues such as energy saving and noise reduction.