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How to maintain jaw crusher?

2024-05-27 09:26:43
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The maintenance of the jaw crusher is crucial to maintain its normal operation and extend its service life. The following are some suggestions for maintaining the jaw crusher:

1. Regularly check the equipment: When turning on and off any stone crushing equipment, attention should be paid to regularly checking the wear and tear inside the machine. When overhauling the machine, be sure to check the wearing parts, such as the jaw plate, hammer head, etc. The wearing parts must be replaced in time after reaching the maximum wear resistance. At the same time, check the foundation of the equipment to ensure its stability and firmness. If there is any looseness or damage, repair it in time.
2. Lubrication work: The lubrication system is crucial to the normal operation of the jaw crusher. Regularly check whether the lubrication system is working normally, whether there is any impact sound when the gear oil pump is working, observe the value of the oil pressure gauge, check the amount of oil in the tank, and whether there is any oil leakage in the lubrication system. The movable jaw suspension bearing and toggle plate elbow are lubricated by electric or manual dry oil pumps and should be filled with oil regularly. The small crusher mobile jaw suspension bearing is filled with a grease gun, about every 8 hours. The elbow of the toggle plate should be dripped with engine oil every 3-4 hours. Change the lubricating oil in the tank regularly, usually once every six months.
3. Cleaning work: Clean the equipment regularly, including cleaning the machine surface, pipelines, inlets and outlets, vibrators, etc., to ensure the hygiene and ventilation of the equipment. Pay special attention to preventing dust from entering the lubrication system and lubricating parts.
3. Conveyor belt adjustment: The conveyor belt of the jaw crusher is indispensable in the stone production line. The tightness of the conveyor belt should be adjusted regularly to ensure that the conveyor belt is evenly stressed.
4. Maintenance by professional and technical personnel: The jaw crusher is a relatively complex equipment and requires professional and technical personnel for maintenance and upkeep. Professional technicians should inspect, clean, lubricate, replace wearing parts, and handle equipment failures in a timely manner.
5. Establish maintenance records: Establishing sound maintenance records will help track the maintenance history of the equipment, detect potential problems in a timely manner, and provide references for future repairs and maintenance.
During periods of major downtime, such as when the machine is shut down 1-2 times a year for comprehensive maintenance and repairs, the jaw crusher should be comprehensively inspected and repaired to ensure its normal operation. Specific maintenance points include checking the degree of wear in the crushing cavity, cleaning the accumulation in the crushing cavity and discharge port, checking and lubricating each bearing of the equipment, checking and adjusting the transmission device of the equipment, checking the electrical system of the equipment, etc.
The maintenance of the jaw crusher requires comprehensive consideration of all aspects of the equipment, including regular inspection, lubrication, cleaning, conveyor belt adjustment, maintenance by professional technicians, and the establishment of maintenance records, etc. Only comprehensive and meticulous maintenance can ensure normal operation and extend the service life of the jaw crusher.
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