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High Quality Large Jaw Crusher Stone Crushing Machine

2024-05-12 13:54:55
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Large jaw crusher (also called a stone crusher) is an important equipment in the field of ore crushing. It is mainly used for medium-sized crushing of various ores, rocks, and other materials. Its characteristics include a large crushing ratio, uniform product particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, and low operating costs.


High Quality Large Jaw Crusher Stone Crushing Machine


The working principle of the large jaw crusher is mainly to drive the belt and pulley through the electric motor to make the movable jaw move up and down. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw becomes larger, and the material is squeezed, rubbed, crushed, and crushed; when the movable jaw goes down, the angle becomes smaller, and the movable jaw plate leaves under the action of the pull rod and spring. Fixed jaw plate, at this time the crushed material is discharged from the lower opening of the crushing chamber. As the motor continues to rotate, the crusher's movable jaw performs periodic crushing and discharge, thereby achieving mass production.

Large jaw crushers are available in various models and specifications, such as PE1200×1500, etc. Their processing capacity (output) can reach hundreds to thousands of tons per hour and is suitable for large mines, construction waste treatment, and other fields. At the same time, the equipment also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low noise, and less dust, and meets the green, efficient, and energy-saving requirements of modern industrial production.


High Quality Large Jaw Crusher


When purchasing a large jaw crusher, you need to consider the nature, particle size, hardness, output, and other factors of the material, as well as the model, specification, power, price, and other parameters of the equipment. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the installation, commissioning, maintenance, and other follow-up services of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and perform at its best.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a large jaw crusher?

Advantages of big jaw crusher:

1. Large crushing ratio: Large jaw crushers can break large materials into small pieces to meet the needs of different production processes and achieve high crushing efficiency.

2. Uniform particle size of the product: The crushed materials have uniform particle size, which is beneficial to subsequent processing procedures.

3. Simple structure and reliable operation: The structure of the jaw crusher is relatively simple, mainly composed of jaw plate, bearing, pulley, toggle plate, etc., which makes the manufacturing and maintenance of the equipment relatively easy and the cost is low. At the same time, the equipment has high reliability, stable operation, and low failure rate, and can ensure long-term continuous operation.

4. Wide scope of application: Jaw crusher is suitable for materials of various hardnesses, such as rocks, ores, coal, construction waste, etc. At the same time, the equipment is suitable for mining, construction, and other enterprises of different sizes and has a wide range of applications.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Large jaw crushers adopt advanced crushing technology, which can fully crush materials and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the equipment has less noise and vibration, has less impact on the environment, and meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Shortcomings of big jaw crusher:

1. Low crushing efficiency: Relative to other crushing equipment, such as cone crushers or impact crushers, jaw crushers may have lower crushing efficiency. This is mainly because the jaw crusher crushes materials by squeezing between two jaw plates. The crushing force is weak and requires multiple cycles to achieve the ideal crushing effect.

2. Easy to wear: Since the main component of the jaw crusher is the jaw plate, long-term use will cause the wear of the jaw plate, affecting the crushing effect and production efficiency. Therefore, the jaw plates need to be inspected and replaced regularly.

3. Loud noise: The jaw crusher will produce loud noise during operation. Working in a noisy environment for a long time will have a certain impact on the health of the operators. Therefore, appropriate measures need to be taken to reduce noise.

4. Limited scope of application: Although jaw crushers have a wide range of applications, there are still some limitations. For example, it is not suitable for some materials with high viscosity, high humidity, or containing a lot of fiber, because these materials will cause greater wear and blockage of the jaw plate.

In summary, large jaw crushers have the advantages of a large crushing ratio, uniform product particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, and wide application range. However, they also have shortcomings such as low crushing efficiency, easy wear, high noise, and limited application range. Comprehensive consideration needs to be made based on actual needs and conditions when purchasing and using.