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Structural features and working principle of cone crusher DG

2024-06-02 19:06:37
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Structural features and working principle of cone crusher DG


Single-cylinder cone crusher has the advantages of simple structure, high crushing efficiency, precise particle size control, high reliability, convenient maintenance, wide adaptability, environmental protection and energy saving. These advantages make single-cylinder cone crushers have broad application prospects and market demand in the crushing industry.

The DG series single-cylinder cone crusher drives the horizontal shaft and eccentric sleeve to rotate through the motor so that the dynamic cone produces periodic movement of approaching and leaving the static cone in the crushing chamber, thereby achieving the crushing and discharge of materials. At the same time, through the cooperation of the adjustment device and the fully automatic control system, the crushing operation can be accurately controlled and optimized.
The DG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a variety of models and chamber types to meet different crushing needs. For example, models such as DG100, DG200, and DG300 correspond to different feed sizes, discharge port adjustment ranges, processing capacities, and powers.

working principle of single-cylinder cone crusher

The single-cylinder cone crusher drives the eccentric sleeve and the main shaft through the transmission system, so that the crushing wall and the mortar wall produce periodic movement of approaching and moving away, thereby crushing the material. At the same time, the hydraulic insurance system can effectively protect the equipment from damage and quickly restore normal operation.