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Cement Crusher For Sale

2023-04-14 13:06:52

Cement Crusher

Cement raw materials mainly include limestone (the primary material, providing Cao), clay raw materials (providing Sio2, Al2O3, and a small amount of Fe2O3), correcting raw materials (supplementing some insufficient components), auxiliary raw materials (mineralizers, co-solvents, grinding aids), etc. Generally speaking, limestone accounts for 80% of the raw materials for cement production and is the primary material for cement production.

In preparing cement raw materials, we first need to crush limestone, gypsum, clay, and other materials into proper size to facilitate the subsequent transportation and storage while making full preparations for the following process (cement raw materials grinding). Therefore, as the first process of cement production, material crushing is particularly important in designing a cement plant.

As a cement plant manufacturer, BAICHY not only produces cement production lines, stone crushing plant, but also manufactures many cement equipment, such as a series of cement crushers required for cement raw material crushing: cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, jaw crusher, and four-roll crusher.

How To Select Cement Crusher Machines?

5 Common Crushing Methods

(1) Squeeze and crush

Extrusion crushing is also called the crushing method, which mainly uses the pressure generated when the two crushing working surfaces approach the material for crushing.

(2) Impact crushing

That is to say, the material is crushed by the impact force. This impact force occurs instantaneously. Impact crushing is also called power crushing.

(3) Splitting method

The splitting force of the sharp teeth wedged into the material is used to break the material. This crushing method has a relatively concentrated force range, so the material is prone to local breakage.

(4) breaking method

As the name implies, the breaking method means that the material is subjected to the bending force concentrated in the opposite direction and broken by breaking it. This crushing method subjects the material to the bending force while subjected to the splitting force.

(5) Grinding and peeling method

The crushing face moves relatively on the material, thereby generating a shear force on the material, which is suitable for grinding fine materials.


▶ Jaw Crusher & Cone Crusher. These two kinds of crushers crush the material by the principle of extrusion.

▶ Hammer Crusher & Impact Crusher. These two crushers are based on the impact principle of material crushing, with coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing three types. Their main difference mainly lies in the broken part. The former uses the hammerhead hinged on the rotor, while the latter uses the blow bar embedded in the rotor.

▶ Roll Crusher is based on the principle of cutting and extrusion for material crushing.

The hard material with larger or medium size particle size is usually crushed by extrusion or impact method. We usually adopt jaw crushers, roll crushers, etc.Materials with strong abrasiveness are generally crushed by the extrusion method, and the surface of the grinding part should be smooth. But if the material is very difficult to break, it is necessary to consider a two-stage crushing system that takes the jaw crusher as the primary crushing equipment and the hammer crusher as the medium crushing equipment.

Materials with weak abrasiveness are usually broken by impact or grinding methods. The crushing part should have sharp teeth.

Hard materials with smaller particle sizes are generally crushed by extrusion or impact method. The surface of the crushing part is smooth and toothless, such as a roller crusher.

Materials with strong toughness are usually crushed by cutting or quick-hitting, such as hammer crusher.

In a word, the choice of cement crusher should be based on a specific analysis of the specific situation. BAICHY provides solution design and equipment customization services and can manufacture crusher machines according to the specific situation of the customer’s production line. Meanwhile, our efficient delivery, on-site installation, commissioning, and equipment operation training services will bring you a different purchasing experience.