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Mobile Crushers & Screens For Construction Site Recycling

2023-03-28 10:33:26
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The materials on the construction site can be crushed and screened to obtain clean aggregates to achieve recycling, which can be applied to the foundation of buildings, maintenance, and renovation of highways, and construction of sponge layers. The demand for urban construction continues to increase, so mobile crushing stations are becoming more and more important.

Baichy's mobile crushing plants can meet the needs of construction and demolition of all sizes, with great flexibility, and can be easily moved across multiple job sites by remote control.

How to choose suitable mobile stone crushing and screening plant?

1. The mobile crushing and screening machine equipped with the "feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen" can crush various stone materials and the finished material can keep within 0-40mm stably. It is mainly used for the production of aggregates, or the secondary crushing stage when producing artificial sand. The cone crusher has low cost and large output for processing hard rock, and the overall service life of the equipment is long and there are few failures.


2. The mobile crushing and screening integrated machine equipped with the "feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen" has two effects of two-stage crushing and sand making at the same time. The vibrating screen assists in sorting sand and gravel. It can handle most of the stone raw materials in the mining industry, and the output can be controlled within 0-40mm. The sand grain is regular, the overall finished product quality is high, good efficiency.


3. The mobile crushing and screening machine equipped with the "feeder + jaw crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen" is a special combination for sand making. This combination can be used for sand making and used as a single machine. If the particle size of the raw material is too large, it could be used in combination with the mobile jaw crusher and mobile cone crusher, the finished sand can meet the high-quality construction sand standard.


In addition to tire-type mobile crushing and screening plants, Baichy also has crawler-type mobile crushing and screening plants.


The tire-type mobile crushing plant adopts vehicle traction, which is more suitable for crushing sand and gravel, such as construction waste treatment, urban infrastructure, road construction, etc. The crawler mobile plant uses a hydraulically driven crawler chassis to carry crushing and screening equipment. It has excellent performance, stable operation, good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even climb slopes. Therefore, it is mostly used in harsh operating environments such as mining and open-pit coal mining.