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Single Rotor Impact crusher structure, working principle, and features

2024-04-01 18:21:54



Single rotor impact crusher, also known as PF impact crusher, is an electromechanical product that crushes materials through impact energy. When working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. After the material enters the crushing cavity, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor for crushing, and then is pushed back to the lining plate for crushing again, and is finally discharged from the discharge port. Users can change the material discharging granularity and material shape by adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor frame.


This equipment has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, and easy maintenance. The crushing ratio is generally about 20, and the highest can reach 50-60, and the maximum can reach 150. Therefore, the number of crusher sections can be reduced, the crushing production process can be simplified, and infrastructure investment and maintenance costs can be reduced. At the same time, its products are mostly cube-shaped with uniform particle size, making it an ideal processing equipment for aggregates used in high-grade highway pavements and hydropower construction.


The single-rotor impact crusher is mainly suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and below, such as limestone, coal, gypsum, etc. It is also widely used in construction, cement, metallurgy, and other industries. For example, steel plants, it is mainly used for coarse and fine crushing of scrap steel materials of various specifications and shapes.


In addition, the crusher has the characteristics of selective crushing, which can separate the symbionts and inclusions mixed in the ore along the crystallization boundary without damaging or rarely damaging the ore crystals. Its structural components include the rear box, impact lining plate, impact frame, lining plate, feed port, base, plate hammer, rotor frame, etc.


However, single-rotor impact crushers also have some disadvantages. For example, the blow hammer and impact plate wear quickly when crushing hard materials and need to be replaced frequently; they have poor adaptability to materials containing water and mud; and they make a lot of noise and dust during operation.

If you need more specific information, you can consult professional books in the field of machinery manufacturing, or consult the manufacturer of the single-rotor impact crusher to obtain more detailed technical parameters, instructions for use, and maintenance recommendations.




Single-rotor impact crushers have several significant advantages that make them excellent in crushing operations, especially when processing materials below medium hardness.


1. The single-rotor impact crusher has a high crushing ratio and crushing efficiency. Due to its unique working principle and structural design, it can effectively crush various materials and break the materials into the required particle size. This makes the crushing process more efficient and increases production efficiency.

2. The product structure of the single-rotor impact crusher is relatively simple and does not have a complicated transmission system and lubrication system, so the failure rate is low. This helps reduce the workload of repairs and maintenance, lowers maintenance costs, and also improves the reliability of the equipment.

3. The single-rotor impact crusher has strong adaptability. It can be adapted to crush materials of various hardnesses, including limestone, quartz sand, river pebbles, etc. At the same time, it can also crush materials with high humidity, which makes it have broad application prospects in a variety of crushing situations.

4. In terms of operation, the single-rotor impact crusher also shows its advantages. Its fuselage is easy to open and easy to maintain, allowing operators to better understand the use of the equipment. At the same time, the wearing parts have less wear and the metal utilization rate of the blow hammer is high, which also reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

5. The discharge particle size of the single-rotor impact crusher can be adjusted conveniently and flexibly. By adjusting the rotor speed, the gap between the impact plate, and the grinding chamber, the discharge particle size can be easily adjusted to meet different production needs.


To sum up, the single-rotor impact crusher has obvious advantages in terms of crushing efficiency, product structure, adaptability, ease of operation, and discharge particle size adjustment, making it widely used in the crushing industry.