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Gypsum Powder Production Line Manufacturers-Baicy Machinery

2023-02-16 09:34:41

Wide Application of Gypsum Mill

Gypsum mill is mainly used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. It can process kaolin, limestone, dolomite, calcite, marble, gypsum and other materials with moisture content less than 5%, and various materials with Mohs hardness below 6 can be processed into ultra-fine powder, and the finished particle size can reach 3000 mesh.

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Gypsum Powder Mill Manufacturer-Baichy Machinery

After decades of continuous improvement and innovation, Henan Baichy Gypsum Grinding Equipment has reached a high level. As a mechanical equipment supplier, Baichy has a strong production capacity and a professional design team and can provide professional technical guidance and a complete set of production equipment solutions. Baichy gypsum powder-making machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, convenient use, and maintenance, the good particle size of finished products, long service life, and a high degree of automation.

Working Principle of Gypsum Pulverization Process

The equipment required for the gypsum powder-making process includes an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, non-metallic ore mill, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, electric control system, etc. In order to achieve the ideal environmental protection effect, it can also be equipped with a pulse dust collector.

The gypsum material is sent into the mill chamber of the main machine through the feeding device for grinding. The powder after grinding is taken away by the airflow of the fan and then sorted by the analyzer. The material meeting the particle size requirements will enter the cyclone collector for separation and collection. The discharge is the finished product, and the material that does not meet the particle size requirements enters the grinding chamber for regrinding until it is qualified.