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Advantages and disadvantages of vertical roller mill From Baichy Machinery

2023-02-11 09:15:25
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Baichy's vertical roller mill is a new type of advanced pulverizing equipment featuring good performance and drying function. Integrated with grinding, drying, and powder selection, it can be used as an independent production system and this mill can complete more than 99% of the sieving particle size. 

The vertical roller mill is widely applied in cement, chemical, coal, and electric power industries. It has become the mainstream equipment in the pulverizing industry.


Of course, as a new product of Baichy's milling equipment, the vertical roller mill not only has advantages, but also has certain disadvantages, and the disadvantages are currently being improved.

The advantages of vertical roller mill:

1. High grinding efficiency

The vertical grinding mill adopts the material bed grinding principle to grind materials, with low energy consumption. The power consumption of the grinding system is 30% lower than that of the ball mill system, and with the increase of raw material moisture, the power saving effect is more significant.

2. Strong drying capacity

The vertical roller mill uses hot air to transport materials, and the temperature of the air inlet can be controlled when grinding materials with high moisture content so that the product can reach the required final moisture content. It can be dried in the vertical mill, and grind materials with a moisture content as high as 15%~20%.

3. Easy to operate and easy to maintain

The vertical roller mill is equipped with an automatic control system, which can realize remote control and is easy to operate. By checking and repairing the oil cylinder and turning over the boom, the roller sleeve and liner can be replaced conveniently and quickly, reducing the loss of enterprise downtime.

4. High product uniformity

Qualified products in the vertical mill can be separated in time, avoiding excessive grinding, and the product particle size is uniform. In addition, the grinding system of the vertical mill can adjust the fineness of the product in a timely and convenient manner by adjusting the speed of the separator, the wind speed, and the pressure of the grinding and mixing.

The disadvantages of vertical roller mill:

1. Since the finished product is sent out of the mill by wind, the particle composition of the finished product is related to the specific gravity of the material component, which has a certain impact on the quality of cement grinding.

2. The material requirements for the roller sleeve and the grinding disc are relatively high, and the requirements for the pressurization and sealing of the hydraulic system are relatively strict.

3. The technical requirements for the operation and maintenance of post workers are relatively high.