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Daily maintenance methods of mobile crusher

2022-06-30 16:12:13

The configuration and quality of the equipment determine the efficiency of production, and the life of the equipment determines our long-term benefits. Therefore, today I will introduce to you in detail how to maintain the mobile crusher.


The daily maintenance methods of mobile crusher are as follows:

1. Focus on daily operations

We must pay close attention to the daily operation of the equipment. If the equipment is abnormal during the operation, such as abnormal sound of gear rotation, rise of bearing oil temperature, etc., we must investigate and solve the problem in time.

2. Daily inspection should be in place

The vulnerable parts of the equipment are the focus of our daily inspection. We need to check the wear condition in time and determine whether to replace it according to the situation. In addition, we need to carefully check the newly installed equipment to ensure that there is no looseness.

3. Do more lubrication

Bearings, gears and other components that need to run continuously are very easy to wear in daily life. We need to do a good job of lubricating them, which can prolong the service life and effectively improve the operation efficiency. It should be noted that when we lubricate, we need to pay attention to the sealing and cleaning of the equipment to ensure effective lubrication.

The mobile crusher is flexible, convenient, highly maneuverable, can save a lot of infrastructure costs, and can directly crush materials on-site, which can reduce transportation costs. Therefore, it has become the crushing machinery favored by the public. If we want to maximize the utility of the mobile crusher, we must do a good job in daily maintenance.

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